Monday, February 25, 2013

And the Winners are ...

First, a thank-you note for the lovely presents that everyone gave me for my birthday ...

Andrea C: Thank-you for the lovely coffee mug - I've placed it on my shelf and labeled it with one of my special "Kendra-only" labels. I'm not sure I'll take you up on the offer for coffee, though, since I'm not a coffee person (too bitter for my taste). How about Hot Chocolate?

Kiri Liz: Thank-you for the lovely short story. Wow! You managed to cram so much into so little space, seemingly effortlessly! I can only imagine what your 100,000 word novels have packed into them.

Mom: Those are the toy tractor keys. Honestly, the John Deer beeper button was a dead giveaway. Thanks for the thought, though.

V: I did ask for it, didn't I? Oh, and it's spelled kernel, not curnal. You could also spell it Colonel but that's only if you're in the military.

Miss Melody Muffin: Oooh!!! Lovely Scarf! Thank-you! Sigh, I wish I could figure out how to make eye holes while knitting ... I mean, I know how to do it in theory ... but in practice ... it eludes me.

Robyn Hoode: Thank-you for the Magic Mirror. It turned out to be Snow White's. I've been using it to help me answer questions in school.

Sarah Holman: Thank-you for the books! I can't wait to read them! I'll be writing reviews for them on the O.Scarlett blog at some point or another. (Once I have my own computer again. My reviewing has been one thing that I have dropped since Algae's demise.)

And now for the Givaway winners! As I said before, I chose three, and here they are:

1. Miss Melody Muffin!
2. Sarah Holman!
3. Kiri Liz!

I happen to have all of your email addresses already, so I'll be emailing you tonight with your prize details - since you get to pick which of my writings you want to read.

Oh, and keep posting on Rescue Me! and Finding North, and feel free to join in on those stories if you haven't already. Rescue Me has turned out to be quite an interesting story, to say the least. Kendra's Clues indeed.

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  1. You're welcome! Haha, thanks! Actually, that was one of very few pieces that I managed the entire story in so few words. Usually, I write and the word count keeps piling up with me seeing no end to the story at all. Except during NaNo... and then the word count never seems to go up. But that's the way it works, right? :D


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