Friday, June 29, 2012

My Blogging Family

I have a blogging family. My mom blogs, my sister blogs, my aunt blogs, my cousin blogs ...
So I thought I'd share my family's blogs with you!

She gives homeschooling tips for a shoestring budget
A daily list of free Kindle books for kids!

V. Kathie's:
This one's sorta like mine, somewhat rambly, talking about whatever she happens to want to talk about. She doesn't update very often.

My aunt's:
For her doTerra essential oil business.

Cousin Tenya's:
Stuff about her books and some rambling.
Her poetry Blog.

Also ...
Cousin Tenya, my mom, and I share a blog!
We review self-published books and Indie authors!

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  1. Thanks once again for such a nice mention on the blog. I did not realize that Aunt R. had one for her oils. Must check it out!


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