Monday, June 11, 2012

Unofficial NaBloPoMo - Jumping For Joy

June 11, 2012
What Makes You Jump for Joy?

What makes me jump for joy. What makes me jump for joy ...

Oh, anything as long as it's not sad.

Specific things, though are:

Knowing that Jesus Died for me and my Sins are Washed Away.
Purple, Blue and Fusia, my three favorite colors.
People buying my book or leaving reviews.
Playing in the dirt
Watching Miss Full of It's antics
Writing when my Muse is working.
Preforming plays I wrote.
Making Spaghetti
Climbing trees
Baking Cakes and decorating them.
Soft, fuzzy blankets
Mimosa Flowers.
Tiger lilies and Star lilies.
My Kindle. (Although I have to share it with V)
My Computer
Historical Fiction
Fairy Tales
Good Fairy Tale rewrites
Good Jokes
People getting my humor
Comments on my blog entries
Trees that look like the number 4.
Winning contests and Giveaways.
Good country music.
Working on stories with my mom and sister.
Granny Smith Apples
Apple Cake.
Pecan Pie.
Fun memories.
Funky clothes and jewelry.
Princess/Fairy clothing/jewelry.
Telling stories.
Going to the Moon
Funky words
Jump ropes

And so much more, but I can't think of it all here.

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