Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nutcracker Advent Day 18

 Today's nutcracker held the position of my favorite for a very long time. Any time I needed a random nutcracker for pictures or cake or anything. He was the one I grabbed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the picture of me dressed up as Clara dancing around with him, but I did find the cake.

Yes, I said cake. You see, when I turned nine, I wanted a nutcracker birthday party. And my Grammy was amazing with cakes. So she asked for a representative from my collection. I provided this one. And she make a cake.

Amazing, isn't it? And that's not even the best picture taken - just the only one my mom could find.

And no, I do not know who gave him to me, though I'm pretty sure I didn't buy him for myself. Yes, he's a bit plain as far as my nutcrackers go, but he's got a lot of memories (edible and otherwise) that I'd never be able to let him go. Besides, he's got a nice sword. Perfect for killing annoying mice.


  1. You weren't kidding when you said your Grammy was amazing with cakes--she got the decorations on Mr. Nutcracker spot-on!

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~


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