Friday, December 13, 2013

Nutcracker Advent Day 13

Today's nutcracker has no nose, no feet, and an interesting story.

You see, several Christmases ago, my aunt and uncle (the ones I now babysit for - though this was before they even had kids) gave everyone a Christmas ornament. My sister and I each got a nutcracker.

Now my sister, unlike me, doesn't love nutcrackers. However, she greatly admired the snowman that our dad had received, so she traded with him.

And then, somehow, the other nutcracker fell into my possession. I guess dad just didn't care for him.

And today's nutcracker is one of those two (which one, I don't remember). However, you won't be seeing the other one, since I couldn't locate him for the purpose of these pictures. He is, however, fairly unique in the fact that he is the only one in my possession with black hair and a spear.

Oh, and his head is broken. As in, it's no longer attached to his body. Not a pretty sight. (And no, he is not Steve the Green Night.)

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