Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nutcracker Advent Day 12

 Today's nutcracker is a Christmas Tree ornament that I got for Christmas several years back, quite likely from my mom and dad because the picture I found showed me opening it at home.

Unfortunately, it no longer functions as an ornament, since I dropped it and the background part no longer stays attached, and that's the part that hangs from the tree.

However, the music part still works, but I'm discouraged from using it. It plays the official Nutcracker march. Loud.
Of course, with the back part broken, that means I can take it off and set it under my tiny Christmas tree and it'll look like the real deal.

Oh, and another fun thing about this nutcracker/Clara/Mouse King set - Nutcracker comes off and I can have him fight Mouse King. It's lots of fun.

Of course, I have to remember to put him away correctly. When I pulled this out to take the picture, I discovered that Nutcracker was in backwards, his back to the Mouse King, pointing his sword in Clara's face. It wasn't a pretty sight.


  1. Maybe you did put it up correctly, but your ornament came to life and when the pieces heard you coming they froze in the position they were in... like Toy Story. :)

    Mom had a Pooh ornament at one point that you plugged into a Christmas light socket and it would say a phrase. We drove Mom nuts with it, I think.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  2. I quite like that one. That is my favourite part of the ballet...though I've always liked a good sword fight. Though, him fighting Clara instead of the Mouse King would lead to some problems...


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