Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Top Ten Purple Books!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is "Books with My Favorite Color on the Cover." I'm a huge fan intense, saturated colors - reds, blues, hot pinks, and purple. Purple's my favorite, though, so let's go with that.

1. Of course, we're going to start with my own purple book, the cover I designed myself. While this isn't my favorite of the Bookania Quests, it is my favorite of the covers - although my current plans for Honor's cover might give it a run for its money.

2. Okay, just to warn you all now - there's going to be a LOT of fairy tale retellings on this list. This book is, to me, the high point of the series ... book three I was meh about (though it wasn't bad), and thereafter, other authors have handled the world/characters, and I really preferred Hale's treatment of the characters. But ... let me just say. Maddie Hatter.

3. This was a book I read back in the dark ages. And I really don't remember much about it except that there were orphans, storytelling, and I rather liked it. 


4&5. These books were interesting. I need to continue the series. But orphan princesses!

6. Back to the fairy tale retellings! This is an adorable little series that I'm quite in love with. This isn't my favorite of the collection, but it's delightful nonetheless.

7. This is a series I read for the sole reason of the main character sharing my name. And it's quite a good little series, too. Highly recommend. And this particular volume is my favorite (though please don't read them out of order). Time travel awesomeness is always awesome.

8. Now, THIS is a book from the dark ages. I devoured this series back when I was little and squishy ... although, confession, I don't think I ever read this particular one. I ... uh ... lost the copy that we borrowed from the library. (We did find it, eventually, but I never actually read it) Rose (Beauty) was never my favorite character (she had had the unfortunate honor of being the NoTP of my first Love Triangle), but I otherwise quite loved these books.

9. Here's a book I just read this year. Lovely story. The author will be taking part in Indie e-Con this year, so please stay tuned.

10. And, finally, we abandon fantasy and Kingdom fiction for a sci-fi. I'm thoroughly in love with Pennington's Firmamant series. Highly recommend. 

What's your favorite purple book?


  1. Okay, I found my favorite book with Purple on the cover. Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal. The revised Take cover is second.

    1. Oi! That one almost made the list, but I ultimately judged it more yellow than purple. Still, great choice. (Other runner-ups: Serephina and Ellie and the Prince.)

  2. Purple is my second-favorite color. I haven’t read any of these, but they’re very pretty!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. I have two purple books on my shelf ... one is a "Everything you need to understand about math" type book ... and the other is https://amzn.to/2rA55Uu a science book that is about the periodic table. And it is apparently worth a fortune in the nearly new condition it is in! Wow!

  4. Ooo I love this as a blog post idea!! Purple books are so pretty<33 My favourite purple book is probably The Crown (by Kiera Cass), although I have it on Kindle so I don't actually get to admire it's beauty on my bookshelf!!

    (ps just found your blog and I'm loving it so far x)

    Lexie x

  5. Ooh some of these are very nice! Honestly purple isn't my biggest favourite BUT THEN if a cover is pretty I can be converted to any colour haha. 😂 I adore the purple version of The Cruel Prince (faeries!!) and also Bone Gap, omg it thoroughly has my heart as a book and a cover. Double win there!

    1. Oi! I'd only ever seen the black and white versions of those covers, but I just looked them up and SO PRETTY!!!!

  6. Ablaze by Jackie Castle (6th book in the White Road Chronicles) was a fantastic purple book.


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