Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CE Library - Robin

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I scan down the shelves, looking for a book to read. There are all sorts of interesting books here ... the question is ... which do I want to read.

There are simply too many here for me to read.

As I near the place where I know my book is - my book ... the words still seem to not go together, even after over a year. There sits my short story collection ... but Sew, It's a Quest is not there. I smile. Some one must have checked it out.

I continue my search for books ... and catch a glimpse of a girl about my age on the other end of the shelves. Normally such a person would not warrant my attention ... but this girl is dressed completely in leather ... and is wearing a sword! I inch closer, not quite willing to start a conversation ... but burning with curiosity  Is she here to read story time? Is the sword real? 

Then I notice something else. The girl fits my discription of Robin perfectly.

I'm just about to muster up the impulsiveness to go over and talk to her (and to tell her that she fits my mental image of my main character) when she suddenly whirls around.

"Who are you!" she exclaims, in a voice that is somewhat too loud for the library - even in the children's section where I am now. "And where am I!"

"Ummm ..." I say, caught off guard. I quickly regain my composure. "My names's Kendra. You're in the library." I hold out a friendly hand. "What's your name?"

She regards my hand with contempt. "Robin," is the only word she says.

I blink. Even the name's the same. On a whim I grin. "Would that be Princess Robin of Locksley?" I ask in jest.

She rolls her eyes. "Of course. Who are you, and how came I to be in this strange library?"

"I'm Kendra, as I said before," I repeat. "And I honestly do not know how you came to be in this library, unless you walked in the front door ..." I trail off as what she said sinks in. "You're Princess Robin of Locksley? As in the best swordsman in the world? Twin sister to Prince Robert, the best embroiderer in the world?"

She eyes me distrustfully. "You seem to know a lot about me."

"Wow ..." is all I can say. This means either one of two things - either I have an adoring fan who is now obsessed with my main character (which is not a bad thing) or ... somehow ... my fictional main character is standing right in front of me.

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  1. This is cool!
    As for running into my charries at the library... My MC would probably yell at me for giving him such a hard time (and consequently, a plot). Then again, I have a character that has it worse than he does...
    ~Robyn Hoode


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