Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joan and Pearis

Today I once more bring two characters to the table. However, unlike all of the other times I brought two characters, these characters have only two things in common: they both think they should rule the style, and they're both Princesses of Fronce.

Joan via Pinterest 

Joan is the last of the Sleeping Beauty birthday party attendees that I have left to feature. Her gift was clothing design, and most of what the royalty of her day wore originated in her brain at some point. The fact that Fronce was one of the larger kingdoms helped her reputation and popularity.

However, her popularity kinda goes to her head, so she's considered somewhat of a snob by her friends - the others of the important countries. They're the only ones she'll associate with, but they're also the only ones who don't bow to her every whim and wish. Indeed, they rarely do. She somewhat envies Serendipity, due to the sway that the gray-haired princess has on the group.

Of course, her popularity wasn't enough to save her from the bane of a princess' existence  the politically expedient arranged marriage. What's worse is that she found the prince whom she was supposed to marry to be completely repugnant to her. She found him so much so that she left her engagement ring on her desk for "Safe keeping" when she went to attend the party of the Sleeping Beauty.

Lucky for her, though, the prince she was to marry did not attend the party.

Pearis via Pinterest 
Pearis, though she doesn't know it, obtained her place as the fashion instigator from her great-aunt. Thing is, she doesn't even know that Joan ever existed. She has very much the same personality as Joan, but with one major difference: While Joan's friends served to keep her in check and prevent her from becoming too big-headed ... Pearis's friends well ... only made it worse.

And if you're like, say, a certain Locksely princess who disregards every fashion you come up with ... well, let's just say that she doesn't think much of you.

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  1. Ooh, both princesses sound very interesting!

    And those dresses are gorgeous!!


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