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Meg is a character that was mentioned frequently in Sew, It's a Quest and did quite a lot ... yet you never saw her. On the surface, she's Robin's personal servant. She helps Robin to dress when she needs it, does Robin's hair, makes sure Robin's room is tidy, and makes sure Robin is never late for anything. That's what she's paid to do.

When I first mentioned her in chapter 1 of Sew, she was just a filler name I pulled out of my hat. However, during editing (and plot development for books 2 and 5 ...) she took on a personality and became someone who, if Robin's parents hadn't of hired her ... well, Robin would probably be a LOT worse off than she already is. And, since Robin as is happens to be bad enough, we're all glad that Meg was hired, agreed?

Meg was practically an orphan when the Locksley's hired her. Her mother had died when she was six, and her father had recently been lost at sea. Meg was the eldest of three girls. They had a stepmother ... but (as all Fairy Tale Stepmothers are) she didn't like any of the girls. That's why Meg got hired out. Meg hasn't seen either of her sisters since she was 12.

Meg is about a year and a half older than Robin, and pretty much considers Robin a younger sister, and Robin fully reciprocates the sentiment. Yet, though Robin may, Meg never crosses the line of being too familiar with her young mistress, always referring to Robin as Prinzessen. Oh, had I mentioned that she's from Germaine? Well, she is, and she has a delightful German accent which I love.

((Random fact about Kendra: I want to learn German some day. I love Germany. Sigh.))


  1. Hi! I taggedeth you!
    I'm reading Sew, it's a Quest, BTW, it's on my kindle! Haven't gotten that far into it, because school has taken over my life, but I will finish it and post a review eventually! ;)

  2. Cheers to filler characters who become something more!
    I am SOO Glad you commented on my blog because it led me to yours and I love finding bloggers, homeschoolers, and book publishers. As soon as I have money...haha...I'm going to buy your book. (I have a "Books I'm going to by when I have money" list)

    Thank you SO much for you font and spine input! It helped A LOT!


  3. I love reading these character posts, Kendra! I can't wait to read more about them in your later books! Reading the first one really roused my curiosity for more!

    I've tagged you at Lianne Taimenlore! Please stop by!



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