Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guest Post ... Jill Anna!

Anne-girl has challenged us to get to know a side character by allowing them to guest post on your blog ... so, after sorting through my ENORMOUS list of side characters, I selected Jill Anna from Water Princess, Fire Prince. She's an important character, but I'm never in her head due to the fact that I only get into the head of said Prince and Princess. Oh, and in her world, c's are used only for the /ch/ sound, and then they are used alone. She got very annoyed at spell checker over that.

Via Pinterest ... but with brown eyes.

Greetings ... it seems as though I have a thing kalled an author ... who has invited me into her world to write about being a karakter. I'm not sure how much of an opinion I can express, however, due to the fact that I was not aware of my being a karakter until I reseived her invitation. Indeed, I was going to ignore the invitation, but Jasmine found it while she was snooping in my stuff, and just had to pester the Water Prinsess with it. The Water Prinsess seemed to know what it was, and seemed to think it was a very horrid thing. She said that there was nothing for it, however, and that I had to go.

I suppose my Author wants me to tell you who I am, and who Jasmine is - for I hear she has already posted quite a bit about the Water Prinsess, which is right, of kourse. The Water Prinsess is the Water Prinsess, after all. But I'm such a nobody - just a lowly servant - I kan't imagine why people want to know about me.

I am a seamstress in the Upper kastle. I wasn't always, but I don't like to dwell on my past, and my Author has agreed that I won't have to. She says that she wouldn't want me to tell about my past anyways, due to the fakt that my past has things whic she kalls plot spoilers. They sound like very horrid things, so I will refrain from telling about my past with gratitude. Suffise to say that I am a seamstress.

Jasmine is my younger sister, who kan't seem to remember her plase. She is the Water Prinsess' personal servant, however. I know not why Lady Roxanne trusted such an important position to Jasmine, but I've heard rumor that Jasmine almost lost the job and was to be sent bak to the the village, but the Water Prinsess interfered. I do not know this for sertain, but it is the rumor, and it seems to me something that both my sister and the Water Prinsess would do. Not that I pretend to know the mind of the Water Princess, but I have spent a good deal of time in her presense while I sewed the clothes she has asked me to sew.

I hesitate to give my opinion of the Water Prinsess, but my Author tells me that I should, and, whatever my opinion be, the Water Prinsess would not shame me for it. I suppose she wouldn't, for she seems to me to enkourage my sister's lack of plase. I hesitate to say this, but I fear that the Water Prinsess does my sister no good favor. The Water Prinsess seems to me a very unladylike person when we are alone in her cambers, even though she acts more ladylike when people might see her. Indeed, just the other day, she did what she kalled "gymnastiks" and revealed her pantaloons for all the world to see! And her only exkuse was that she "normally doesn't do it in a dress!" Ah, if Lady Roxanne or one of her daughters had been thus exposed, they would have been mightily ashamed - but not the Water Prinsess! She also konfesses freely that she has no skill with the needle, which is why she requires my servises. 

However, the klothing that she asks me to sew is my greatest proof of her unladylikeness. She klaims that, due to the fakt that the prophesee requires that the Water Prinsess fight (which it does, I will not argue that), she needs klothing that allows for freedom of movement. However, sinse she is the Water Prinsess, I kannot argue with her desires. I only sit in my korner and sew, and try to keep my sister out of trouble.

And I must express that this is a very strange thing that my Author is having me write on. She kalls it a komputer, and says that the Water Prinsess has one as well. It is a very strange thing, with a glowing skrean and you write on it by tapping "keys." 

I muc prefer a quill pen.


  1. Hello,
    It was nice to meet you. I am sorry though, about the princess not acting ladylike. I am sure that is hard for you. I hope things get easier for you soon. And I hope you have a better fate then my sie characters...

    Kendra: *Sends chocolate to help with the cover and editing.* I understand your pain. Very very much.

    What story will you be doing for NaNo?


  2. LOVED this!!!!!!

    The spelling is so much fun and Jill Anna did a very good job on this post! I especially like her observations on the Water Princess. :)


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