Thursday, October 11, 2012

Solomon and Serendipity

Via Pinterest But he needs blond hair and blue
Via Pinterest. But with longer hair done in a
severe bun, and fewer ear peircings.

Let me introduce you to Prince Solomon and Princess Serendipity of Alion. Don't ask where I came up with Alion ... you'd have to read my sister's book ... it's an inside joke.

But, anyways, Solomon and Serendipity are my third set of mixed up siblings.

Notice I did not say twins, for twins they are not. Solomon's her elder by a good five years.

So, then, how did they become mixed up? Well ... I'm not going to tell you, for Serendipity gives a pretty good explanation in the book. I will however, tell you what their mixed up gifts are ... and the results.

Solomon has his sister's gift of the mirth of youth. As a result, he has a very good ... no, an insatiable sense of humor. He knows every joke in the book, and made up half of them. He loves laughing, and is always up to something. He loves doing harmless pranks. 'Tis he that pranks the carriages at the wedding. His goal in life, however, is to get his sister to laugh. 

Serendipity has the wisdom of the gray-haired. She also has the hair of the gray-haired (do you know how hard it is to find a picture of a gray-haired sixteen year-old girl?). She's probably fit in quite well on Vulcan, for she almost never displays much beyond her eyes, her eyebrows, and the corners of her mouth. Once in a while her brother can get her to completely smile ... but that's rare. However, unlike Vulcans, logic is not her law, it's wisdom. Sometimes it amounts to the same thing, but not always.

And I just realized something. I only have four characters left to introduce to you!

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