Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Character Encounters

In honor of having twelve followers ... I've decided to start doing a monthly character development link-up thingy.

Most of the other character development thingies I've seen involve either an interview or a character to character development.

This is Character Encounter. You, without a bit of warning, run into your character at the place I state. What will happen. Will you become best friends? Will they try to kill you? Will they discover you're their author? Will they remain blissfully unaware of their status as a character?

It's up to you. (and them of course!)

You can do any character you want - if it's historical fiction ... well, figure something out. Maybe they stepped through a time warp? Or you did?

The point is to have fun, afterall.

So ... for the month of October ... you'll run into your character ....

At The Library

Via Pinterest

And not just any library, oh, no. Your public and/or school library.

What are they doing there? What are you?

Write up your encounter on your blog, then link up below!

Oh, and make sure you include a link back to here, so that others know how they can join in on the fun!


  1. Great idea, Kendra!!!! I'll have to look around and see which of my characters would benefit most from this....

  2. This is so interesting!! I'll have to write one up myself!! :D

  3. How fun! :) I'll have to join next time... :D


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