Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dick and Theo

Via Pinterest
Dick                               Theo
Squeezed between Connia and Enna are Dick and Theo. They're a pair of eighteen year-old twins ... and I had thought they were identical, but when I saw this picture ... I realized they weren't.

I needed a pair of boy/boy or girl/girl twins that weren't identical, anyways.

Prince Theodore Horace is the elder twin by fifteen minutes ... he's the one on the right. Prince Richard Sean Harold is the one on the left.

Theo's gift is a love of words. Correction. His gift is a love of fancy words. He refuseth to use unadorned English ... which makes him an interesting character to write, as I am forced to avail myself of articulations that are not in common use.

Ladybug egg!!

Dick ... knows what every word means, and how it's supposed to be used, and how and when they should be used, and why ... and he's not afraid to confront you if you're getting it wrong.

Thing is, Dick is engaged to a lovely young girl named Amy, and Theo ... he's not really interested quite yet. And in Refrence, the elder has to marry first.

So ... Dick and Amy are always trying to play matchmaker with Theo. So far ... they haven't succeeded.


  1. The Look like they will be fun (I am getting the idea that you like lady-bugs on your eggs)

  2. Egg #14 for me! I like the design of this egg even better than the other ladybug eggs. I can see this sitting on a mantle in a sitting room....


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