Monday, October 29, 2012

Sew ... What if?

This is something I saw a fellow writer do, and thought a really good idea. I'm going to post all the what if?'s that went into Sew, It's a Quest. Should be fun right?

Note: All of the spoilers are done in white. If you have read Sew, feel free to highlight the empty areas. If you haven't ... ruin your reading at your own risk

Via Pinterest 

What if I could rewrite the Fairy Tales from a Christian Perspective?

What if I begun with Sleeping Beauty?

What if she found her prince to be different from what she dreamed him to be?

What if there was a girl whose Fairy Godmother accidently gave her the gift of Best Swordsman in the World?

What if I threw her into my Sleeping Beauty Story that Has No Plot?

What if the girl had a brother who sews?

What if I made them a prince and princess?

What if I made Sleeping Beauty run away from her prince?

What if she hadn't really been awake, and the Sewing Prince were her true Prince?

What if the Swordfighting Princess and the Prince who had woken the Sleeping Beauty were bitter rivals?

What if he were the prince who helped to reveal the fact that the gifts had been mixed up?

What if she were the princess he was actually supposed to marry?

What if I told the story from the Swordfighting Princess' perspective?

What if I threw in Casperl and the Mountain Princess?

What if the Mountain Princess was Sleeping Beauty's cousin?

What if I threw in puns?

What if I threw in Robin Hood?

What if Robin Hood played Matchmaker?

What if ... 

Sew It's a Quest.

Another tasty egg.


  1. I skimmed because I don't like spoilers before I read the book and I plan to read your book. Hopefully soon. (I'm searching for indie-published books and it helps when they have good plots.)

  2. A very tasty looking egg! (Love this post idea)


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