Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And Sew we Take Chapter Titles

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To continue getting all of ya'll excited over Do You Take This Quest? I've decided to release ...

Chapter Titles!!!

That's right, I'm going to tell you all the brilliant titles I came up with for Do You Take This Quest? The not so brilliant ones as well ... but that's beside the point ...

But ... first ...

I didn't do this with Sew, It's a Quest, so I thought that it might be an interesting experitment to post both sets, so ya'll can compare and contrast.

So, without further ado ...

Sew, It's a Quest

1. The Question of a Quest
2. Ready, Set - 
3. Go!
4. Two Things
5. Thieves!
6. Their Story
7. Barn Dance
8. A Cousin
9. Castle Tour
10. The Murals
11. A Ride in the Forest.
12. The Royal Ball
13. True Stories
14. Types of Gems
15. You Called?
16. Robin's First Girl Fight
17. Merry Men
18. Sure Shot ... and Not so Sure Shot
19. A Birthday
20. Cats and Dogs
21. Eric Shows Up
22. Eric's Jailor
23. Chess and other Conversational Topics
24. Escape
25. Time to Leave
26. The Assembly Line
27. The Quest's Inn

Do You Take This Quest?

1. The Lonely Prince
2. Escape in the Night
3. Beauty Sleep
4. Awake!!
5. What's Wrong With the Wedding?
6. Friendly Introductions
7. Out From Behind the Curtain
8. In the Stables
9. Order Up!
10. Travel
11. Search Party
12. Confessions Under the Stars
13. The Back of the Tapestry
14. Tablewood
15. Guess What?
16. Gray Hair
17. The Ball
18. The Paint box
19. Family Ties
20. Maxie
21. The Big Day
22. What Followed
23. And They're Off!

Genius? Yes? No? 

Anyways. You may notice that Do You Take This Quest? has four chapters fewer than Sew, It's a Quest did. 

Heh, heh, heh. It's not because it's shorter. Quite the contrary. At the present second, it's about 5,000 words ahead of Sew, It's a Quest. It just happened to get longer chapters. And more Interruptions ... 

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  1. That is a fun idea, releasing the chapter titles! I like that idea a lot, and I liked reading yours.

    Does this mean book two will be out soon?

    I half wished I had gone about publishing as you had. I know of another girl who did this. "This is a good day to hit send." I'd probably end up having a heart attack though if I did it that way...

    I showed Trisli your comment, about how he should help me, and he laughed. I have a feeling he is going to be no help whatsoever. (But if he isn't, I have a back up plan. One I used once, on the most rebellious character I had. And he turned into one of the sweetest afterward.) *Watches Trisli squirm. Grins*

    I am getting excited though!


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