Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful World I still Need to Name.

Anne-girl is hosting a writer's conference of sorts over at her blog, and today's topic is World Building, or, at least, one of the topics is. Anyways, today's workshop is to personify your setting/world and do a Beautiful People with them. I haven't done Beautiful People yet ... but it's basically answering questions about your characters.

Via Pinterest. The trunks aren't quite right, but, anyways ...

I have many, many worlds in my head, all of them different and crazy. However, I've decided to do the Elven world of my WIP The New Division, which has been on my mind of late. It's seriously underdeveloped at the moment, so maybe this will help!

However, if this world were a person, it'd have to have a split personality! The elves are divided into two peoples, the Harshia and the Lilnia, who are ... very different to say the least.

What kind of music does he/she like? The Harshia prefer music more like the tribal stuff from Africa and the Americas, while the Lilnia prefer more dignified and complicated musical instruments that require great knowledge to play correctly.
Does he/she like to go outside? The Harshia spend all of their time outside, for they don't even have the basic technology of candles, having spent all of their brain-work on developing weaponry, so it's dark inside their huts. The Lilnia, on the other hand, spend much more time inside, out of the hot sun, to preserve their pale skin, and to study their books and develop their varied technologies.
Is he/she naturally curious? The Harshia aren't. The Lilnia ... well, they love learning new things, maybe.
Right, or left handed? I think that if this world were a person, it'd be ambidextrous.
Favorite color? Due to the fact that all plant life is a shade of pink or red, I'll go with those two colors as it's favorites.
Where is he/she from? This world exists in an alternate dimension.
Any enemies? It has a war within itself. The Lilnia and Harshia haven't gotten along since Harsh and Liln, (whose stories are a combination of Jacob and Esau and Cain and Able. Harsh was Cain/Esau and Liln was Jacob/Able)
What are his/her quirks? Let's see, all plant life is a shade of pink or red, trees grow with two trunks, and have ink-black bark. It is said that strange things happen should one walk between the trunks of a tree, so no one ever does it. Never. Ever. Um, there's two moons. The Lilnia use the blue moon, Lilnai, for their calender, while the Harshia are governed by the red moon, Harshai.
What kinds of things get on his/her nerves? Each of the peoples always gets on the nerves of the others.
Is he/she independent, or needs others to help out? The peoples are independent of each other, but are very interdependent among themselves.


  1. Wow! It sound like a very unique world and one I'd like to visit someday! I really like the description of the trees. Two trunks? Will something bad really happen if I were to walk between the trunks of a tree?

  2. What happens when you walk between the trunks of the trees is one of those annoying details I have yet to discover. I'll be sure to let you know when I do though!


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