Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Sister's New Blog!!

Hi! I'm Sarafina! 

And I'm Mariposa! 

And our author says that we can come and tell you all about her sister's new blog!!!!

Ummmm .... Girls, back up here .... I'm not your author, Kathie is.

Kathie's our baby sister.

Ummm ... no, V, then. V's your author. You're going to tell about her new blog.

I thought you were our author, Kendra ...

No ... V is. True, I did come up with you two, and I have written about you ... but V's officially your author.

We like you better Kendra. You understand us.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but V's your author, and you're just going to have to live with the fact. Anyways, readers, I'd like to introduce ya'll to Elsie and Elise, a pair of twins that I came up with for my sister's sci-fi series. They think they're mine, but they're insane.

We're not insane. We're SILLIONS!!!

And sillions are the definition of insane. I'm well aware of that fact. Anyways, Elsie's the one talking in purple, while Elise is fuchsia. And, girls, weren't you here for a reason ...

We were?

Oh! Yes! That's right! We were going to tell all of your readers about our baby sister's new blog!

Ummmm ... oh, never mind.

It's called I'm Singin' my own song, and it's LOTS and LOTS of fun.

And we like fun.

So come over and check it out, and follow it and give her a nice big kiss and tell her how much you love her.

ELSIE!!! You know V doesn't like kisses. I think I'll take over from here. My sister, V. Kathie Ardnek has decided to start a new blog for her writing. She has a school/Spiritual walk blog, but has recently decided that she needs a blog to talk about her writing.

And to tell all of you all about us!!!

I thought I told you two to be quiet. Anyways, come on over and hit the follow button. She has dyslexia, though, so sometimes what she says doesn't quite make sense, but she has a lively imagination, and loves to make things up ...

I'm Singin' my own song
I'm Singin' My Own Song

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