Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eleven times Two!!

I've been tagged by The Mad Elvish Poet and Kiri Liz with the SAME tag ... so I'll just do both in one fell post.

If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.
- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.
- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.
- No tagging back

First, eleven facts about me:

1. I have 14 followers!!
2. Which means we are now ready go to the Lonely Mountain and reclaim it from Smaug.
3. Miss Jack can be Bilbo, since she's my newest follower.
4. I'll be Gandalf, since this is my blog, and I'm not my own follower.
5. The rest of you may squabble over the dwarves. I frankly do not care who is who.
6. Saffron's Big Plan and other Stories (a collection of short stories) is free today. Just look up on my sidebar. It's the top item.
7. I'm not wearing any fingernail polish today ...
8. I ought to paint my toes so that I feel pretty.
9. But then I'd have to stuff said toes into shoes since it's winter.
10. I hate shoes. They're the one drawback to winter.
11. I'd much rather wear leather-soled socks like the Tree Elvings do in my book Infiltration.

Then the questions from The Mad Elvish Poet, since she tagged me first:

1. Go look up "A Spaceman Came Traveling" by Celtic Women. Make sure you get the concert video. Watch it. Did you drool over the dress?  No. Actually ... it's not a color that excites me ... and I don't like strapless. It's a nice dress, yes, but not me. I'm pretty sure I got the right video.
2. When you get a new book, do you smell it?  Yes, and when I suspect that the book that I just got out of the library is new. It is my personal opinion that Amazon needs to create an AromaKindle, that has a slot for aroma thingies that come in New Book smell, and Old Book smell. This also needs to be cream instead of white. They would win so many more readers that way.
3. Have you ever found that book you really wanted in a secondhand bookstore, forgot to check the pages, and gotten home only to find that someone has scribbled in it? How mad did it make you?  I don't really get mad when I find it in a second hand book. What bothers me is when I find a library book scribbled in.
4. If you could be endowed with fluency in any language, which on would it be?  German. I fancy myself the displaced Queen of Germany, so I'm working on a plan to get back my country. Learning the language is my top priority. Sigh, it's not coming too well, though. I also want to learn Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.
5. Do you prefer Tortured, Untrusting, Silent, and Darkly Mysterious male characters, or Open, Gentlemanly, Teasing and Sweet ones?  Since most of my male characters fall firmly into the second category ... I think the answer is obvious.
6. If you could be endowed with the ability to lethally wield any weapon in the world, which one would it be?  The Big Stick. I'm already pretty good with one ...
7. What do you think of my questions in this tag?  They're quite interesting, and, for the most part, weren't that hard to answer.
8. Which of your characters is the most precocious?  That would be Maryanne ... who the only reason I haven't talked about her before is that she hasn't been born yet in the timeline of the series she's in. She's my favorite character though ...

9. What does he/she think of the questions in this tag?  Why, thank-you Kendra, for finally allowing me to talk on your blog, it's so lovely. I don't know why ... Just state your opinion of the questions, Maryanne. Oh, fine ... what's a space man? A man from outer space. Oh. Well, Kendra, I'd actually wear that dress, if it had sleeves, though. People write in books! In my world, yes. You live in a very strange world ... I'm already fluent in many languages. Si, I know. I'd like to learn Samosin, though ... I didn't even know that language existed. I just made it up for you. I now want to learn it. You're supposed to be stating your opinion, not answering the questions. I'm already lethal with both sword and knife. If you chose to be. Of course. 
10. Did you have to censor or threaten in order to get the answer you presented? Only to keep her from talking too long ... As I'm sure you noticed. She's actually a rather cooperative character ... No, I just have you wrapped around my little finger and you let me do whatever I want. No, I don't. We just tend to want the same things for the book. Same thing. You do know that you were only supposed to answer that one question. I do. But I can't let you have all the fun, now can I?
11. What threats to you use against your characters to get them to behave? Do they work? Kendra usually uses us cooperative characters to get uncooperative characters (such as my mom) to do what she wants them to do. Maryanne. I'M the one supposed to answer the questions. Ich mache es so, dass man nicht so hart zu denken. I don't even know what you just said. Te dije que las manzanas buen sabor. Maryanne, if you don't start cooperating, I'll take away your rock. Egg. I'll turn it into a rock. But you want it to be a rock just as much as I do. I can live without it. You're enjoying this Kenj. Admit it. Fine, Anna, but I'm still the one who's supposed to be answering the questions.

Then, Kiri Liz's Questions:

1. What is your third favorite color? Fuchsia. And, coincidentally, it's also the favorite color of my third favorite character. And your second favorite color is the favorite color of your second favorite character ... so why isn't your favorite color gold, since I'm your favorite character? Fine. I'll make Petra my favorite character .... Oh, nevermind.
2. If you could rewrite any scene from any book, which one would it be and why? I'm constantly rewriting scenes from books in my head ... yet I can't call any off the top of my head. Maybe the scene in the Hobbit where Bilbo catches up with the party after playing the riddle game and winning the Ring. The fact that he played a trick on Gandalf always bothered me. Especially since the fact that I know the nature of the Ring. I'd like to rewrite the scene in Il Cavallo Viola where the horse ate the hat. I think he should have eaten a shirt. Maryanne, I don't think anyone else has read that book. It is rather obscure, I must admit. Maryanne, I haven't read that book Your loss. Maryanne ... these are the questions that I'M supposed to be answering. I believe you've mentioned that before.
3. Would you rather live in a old palace, a cottage in the woods, a pirate ship, or a underground burrow? I live in a palace. You live anywhere you put your bedroll. True. But my official home is a palace. Ye s, but which one? Whichever one I'm at at the moment. I'm a traveling princess! Yes, I know. But this was asking me where I would LIKE to live. My uncle used to be a pirate. Maryanne ... Sigh. I'd like to live in an old, abandoned palace, with plenty of stuff to explore ... Oooohhhh!!! ME TOO! Maryanne.
4. How do you pronounce the word "often?" Off-ten? Or Off-fen? It depends on how careful I'm being, really. However you do. I subconsciously obtain your accent. Always.
5. What is your favorite holiday film? A what? The NUTCRACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, Kendra, I didn't realize you could squeal that loud. I adore the Nutcracker. My favorite part of Christmas is watching all of the Ballets that we own. I don't care much for the movie-ized versions (such as the Barbie one) but I love watching the ballets. Someday one of my Nutcrackers will come to life and marry me ... And you think that my obsession with that prophecy book is unhealthy. 
6. If you had a book (any book including a cookbook or a research book) published, what would be featured on the cover? Most of my books when I visualize their potential cover art involve a sword. Stuff featured on the cover? What does she mean by that? In my world, book covers have pictures on them. The question is asking what sort of picture I would like on the cover of my book. Don't you want me on the cover? Currently I only have one book where I picture you on the cover. Oh! Cool! You live in a strange world, you know that, Kendra? Pictures on book covers, and people scribble inside. Yes, Maryanne, I am aware of that fact.
7. Where would your dream home be located?  I plan to live in the Golden Castle someday. Deep Breath. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 34 ... Maryanne, 4 is what ... oh, never mind. You can't count. Anyways, I'd like to live in a tree house. Like Tiger does? Yes, like what Tiger does ... only Tiger doesn't live in a tree until after she gets married, but that's beside the point. She has an apocathary in a tree until then.
8. If there was no such thing as tea or coffee in this world, what hot drink(s) would you consume?  What's coffee Kendra? I cannot find a meaning for the word in any language that I know ... tea, I know what that is, it's what happens when Peter boils certain leaves. A nasty concoction I may add. You may deduct from what Maryanne just said that I do not drink tea or coffee in the first place and would, therefore go on just as I normally do, and drink hot coco and hot apple cider.
9. What one song describes your life/day/mood? "Dyai Iya Li Yiya." Maryanne, I doubt any of the readers know what that song is. And I'm the only one who can understand it, too! Isn't it such fun! Sigh. Okay, I have not a song that I consider my theme song, nor can I call one off the top of my head. Can I pick a psalm? psalms were songs, weren't they? In that case, Psalm 100 pretty well describes me.
10. Peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodles, or gingerbread men? While I do like peanut butter cookies, I don't love them. I don't think I've ever had snickerdoodles, so I'll go with gingerbread men. Actually, I prefer gingerbread houses, but that's another story. What's peanut butter, Kendra? A food that I did not deem fit to give your world. Same as coffee. Oh, but you said that peanut ... Maryanne, just be thankful that I left your world chocolate. Most of my worlds don't have chocolate.
11. What is something you absolutely love right now?
My pets, Ysga and Kanichen ... my mom and day, my Illokeech, and my little sisters, ummm ... Oh, my cousin, even though she hates me ... I absolutely love it when I don't have writer's block. Then you should write me into every book you write Kendra! Then you won't have writer's block! No. And you're not a cure-all for writer's block. Do you know you have more pets than any of my other characters? Yes, and I love them all! And you only have two ... I have a pet shortage among my characters.

Now that that's done, I get to ask questions!

Kendra ... Yes, Maryanne? Can I ask the questions? Ummm ... only if I write the numbers ...


And you post every single one in English. I don't want my tagees to have to pull up google translate.


1. How many knives do you usually have concealed on your person? I'm not going to ask where you conceal them, but if you want to answer that, you may.
2. How many times have you run away from home? Do you ask your parents permission before you do so?
3. What is your rank and station in life?
4. Do your cousins like you?
5. How many siblings do you have and do they like you?
6. How many pets do you have? What are they and what are their names?
7. Can you dance? Sing? Fight?
8. How many adventures have you gone on?
9. You enjoyed them? Right?
10. Can you hop on one foot?
11. How many languages do you speak?

Uhhhh ... Maryanne, I don't think my very many of my fellow authors can properly answer very many of those questions ....

Then tag their characters!

Uhhh ...

I'll tag them for you!

Ummm ...

Elsie and Elise
The Young Sage
Clara (Uhhh ... Maryanne ... Clara's my character. So, you let her have her own blog, didn't you? That blog is for reviewing classics When are you going ... Nevermind, I'll let you tag her.)
John (He's not technically a character, Maryanne ... So? He's sweet. He's a hedgehog. So?)
Lianne (Maryanne, I'm not supposed to be tagging back! You're not tagging Kiri, you're tagging Kiri's character. You're making me a rule-breaker. I'll take all the blame. Good.)
Snow White (Ah ... nevermind ....)

I think that's eleven ... 

We can pretend it is.


  1. HURRAY!!! We get to go on a quest! An adventure! Oh wait...since I'm Bilbo I suppose I'm not supposed to start out being all happy about adventures.

    "I'm a Baggins of Bag End! Get it? Got it. Good!"

    I added your book to my, "Books I am going to buy when I have money list." I never realized how lack of money hinders book buying till I had none.

    John is excited for his tag but he said he would come and say thank you himself so I shall wait and let him.


  2. This is John. Thank you for the tag game, I will play it and tag someone else too.

    I am sorry you don't get a lot of snow, that is very sad. You may come here and play with me if you want. And build a snow man and have a snow ball fight, and I will be nice and not really fight with you. I will throw all of mine at Jack

  3. Dibs on Kili! That's the closest one to my name anyway... oh, wait... he dies. Oh, well...

    Loved reading this Kendra! And yes, Lianne is delighted to be tagged, especially since I usually don't allow my characters their own voices on my blog!

  4. Thank you, Kendra!! Please pass my thanks along to Maryanne. Seren is very excited for the tag, (and so is her author) and says she will do it soon. I however, am afraid it will have to wait until next week, after the end of the Scribbler's Conference. Really, it is a BRILLIANT idea and I'm THRILLED Maryanne thought of it!! :)

    Leather-soled socks sound cool....

    German is also on my list of languages to learn, but it is toward the bottom of the list.

    I laughed so hard over the whole Nutcracker exchange between you and Maryanne!

    And also how she keeps telling you that you live in a strange world. :)

    Ah, characters. Don't you love them?

  5. Hwinny has finally been prodded into response. Please excuse her crankiness. :-P


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