Monday, October 8, 2012

Amy and Agatha

Amy via Pinterest. She just needs more
medieval clothing and more violet eyes.
Agatha via Pinterest. She needs more freckles
on her nose ... and possibly shorter hair ...

Today, only one of the characters is a new character. As you may notice from the poll I have on the side of my blog (if you have read Sew, and haven't voted on said poll, I do ask you to do do so) or you may remember if you've read Sew, Agatha was in that book. She wasn't too too major of a character, but she was one that conjured up quite a few words for me and had a few scenes dedicated to her.

However, even though she was in Sew, she and Amy become such good friends so quickly in Take that they soon are pretty much inseparable.

The reason?

They both suffer from the same rare affliction.

They both are Gemdroppers!

What's a gemdropper you ask? Well ... I think I'll just point you to the Fairy Tale I stole them from and evade the question ...

The Fairy in the Fairy Tale was Yifinna ... the blundering fairy. Don't ask me why she likes it, but she'd given the gift out five times before the Change ... and it had been so detrimental to the worth of gems that she had been made to promise that she wouldn't be given out for at least a hundred years passed ... and Yifinna had ... only three (at least ... I'm not sure about Ladies Ruthie and Dianne ...) of the gemdroppers attended Sleeping Beauty's birthday party ... and you know the drill.

However, the gifting had always seemed to be in pairs. Queen Caroline and Queen Esmeralda had been gifted almost at the same time... and Lady Ruthie and Lady Dianne had been gifted almost at the same time ... and both pairs had soon become fast friends and considered themselves almost sisters.

But Amy had been gifted alone ... and the promise had been extracted from Yifinna almost immediately after.  So, as far as she knew, she would never have a close companion to share her affliction and be her closest companion (and *cough, cough* marry the brother of the man she plans to marry).

Sometimes the Author works in mysterious ways.

And, by the way, yes all six of them are named after some gem or another. Virtual gems to anyone who can comment with what said gems are...

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