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Where Skunks Belong

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It's October, and time for another set of Snippets! I've been working on editing Do You Take This Quest? as I believe I've mentioned before. I've also done some scribbling around with my calligraphy pen, and I've worked on some of my more random stuff that I haven't touched in a while and/or just gave a word document on my computer.

So the following will be mostly from Do You Take This Quest? but there will also be quite a bit of other random stuff as well.

Oh, and if you're a fellow writer, and you're wanting to take part in this delightful Snippets thing, just head on over to Katie's Blog and check it out!

If you're curious about any of the stories that the Snippets originate from, you can simply check out my WIP page.

. For several seconds, he just stood there staring hopelessly at the horrid creature as it sniffed the air, then locked its beady eyes on him.
  “Uh … nice … creature …”
   It apparently did not want to be a nice creature, for, at that moment, it sprang forward. The seeming spell that had held Andrew frozen was at last broken, and he squeezed his eyes shut and threw up his hands, in an attempt to stop the inevitable.
- Water Princess, Fire Prince

“Hey, there girl, ya miss me these last hundred years?” Madeleine carefully lifted the latch to Splatter’s stall and slipped in. The appaloosa mare whickered her greeting as Madeleine rubbed the velvety nose. “Of course you didn’t. You slept like the others. I missed you, though. Maxie’s gone, so he won’t be sneaking you carrots anymore. Yes, yes, I know about the carrots. Maxie never could hide anything from me.” She pulled her hand away before her fingers could get nibbled on. “Maxie taught you bad habits, didn’t he?” She sighed as pulled the currycomb off of the wall. 
- Do You Take This Quest

“Don’t Robin me,” Robin snapped. “My brother is completely duped by all of them. Did you see the way he was looking at that Rose girl?”
  “Like a young man much in love with a girl?”
  “He was staring after her like a fool – and she isn’t even pretty!”
  “So, your brother’s a fool?”
  “I said no such thing!” Robin exclaimed defensively. “I said he was acting like a fool. That Sleeping Beauty has him bewitched, I tell you. Utterly and completely bewitched!”
  “And that’s better than a fool for a brother?”
- Do You Take This Quest

With a frown she noticed the crystal statuette that she had given William for his birthday several years before. A smiling cat. She didn’t feel like a smiling mood. Without hesitation, she stood, crossed over to the shelf where it was, took the statuette off of the shelf, and, with her little finger, pulled down the corners of its mouth. Satisfied, she replaced the figurine back onto the shelf. A corner of her mind wondered what William would think when he noticed it, but she didn’t worry about it.
   She’d probably be long gone by then. 
- HaV Academy 

“What is it, Jasmine?” questioned Clara, turning to see what the girl could be staring at.
  There, standing in the doorway, was Lord Erik, and behind him was an assembly of various other nobles and servants.
  “Oh, hello,” she said in surprise.
  “We have been looking for you, Water Princess,” said Lord Erik in a non-judgmental voice. “You did not arrive at lunch.”
  “Lunch …?” 
- Water Princess, Fire Prince

“You don’t have to, as your brother seems quite content. Give it time, Robin. Don’t judge someone on first impressions and the fact their enchantment just happened to take slightly longer than planned to break.”
  “And Robert isn’t judging by first impressions?”
  “That’s different …”
  “Because he’s the one that broke her enchantment.”
  “Well, then, how are we going to break his enchantment!”
- Do You Take This Quest?

“You think it's water, don't you?” said Flewder, eying her. Shasta turned to him, blinking in surprise, unable to form any response. “It's flowstone.”
  “Flowstone,” he repeated. “Won't drown in it, but it has it's own treacheries just the same. Hard as any rock, but it moves fast. If you don't get across it quick enough … well, no one who's been carried away by flowstone has ever been seen again.”
- The Nine Gems of Virtue

Anthea sighed and slid Five Children and It back into her backpack. E. Nesbit’s trilogy was one of her favorites, not least because she shared her names with the two girls. Even though she knew she was named for her great-great grandmothers, she liked to think she was named for Anthea and Jane of those books. 
- To Perfect a Fairy Tale

“You know something?” said Samson, leaning on the stall door.
  “’Tis possible,” said Madeleine. “It depends on what the something is.”
  “A thought occurred to me while I did my packing,” continued Samson.
  “Really? And what was that? That skunks don’t belong in my room after all?” Madeleine questioned with a raise of her eyebrow.
  “Skunks always belong in thy bedroom,” said Samson, dead serious. “No, what occurred to me is this. We just slept a hundred years.”
  “Really? It finally occurred to you?”
- Do You Take This Quest?

This story is true.
   It's not my story though ...
   It's Yours.
   Once upon a time, you were a poor child in a distant land. Your mother died having you and your father died in the war. In short, you were an orphan.
   What war was it that took your father's life, you ask? Why THE war of course. The war that pitted all the men of the country against the trees. The men had eventually won, but with great losses - your father being one of them.
   Since you were an orphan, you lived all on your own. Well, actually, not completely on your own, for you had your dog - but that hardly counts.
   But wait just a minute, you cry, if that's how I began, how did I get to where I am now? And why don't I remember this?
   Well, be patient my friend, I'm getting there.
- Something random I wrote when I had my calligraphy set out and wanted to write something but didn't know what to write. I may continue it someday ...

Eric lost Robin. He hadn’t meant to do it … but he had turned his back on her to talk to the Duke of Lambra, and when he had at last been able to avert his attention back towards her, she was not there to receive said attention.
- Do You Take This Quest?

If ever Anthea were to be offered three wishes, she knew exactly what those wishes would be. She had read enough books and fairy tales to know exactly what would be the most useful and necessary. Indeed, she had nearly filled a spiral notebook with all the details and specifications of those three wishes.
    And good looks were not on the list.
   True, she wasn’t exactly pretty, for, as her middle name suggested, she was a plain Jane. However, she had read enough to know that looks were only practical for catching princes and marrying them in the morning. She was only twelve and therefore far too young to be entertaining thoughts of marriage – princely or no.
- To Perfect a Fairy Tale

She nodded distantly as she followed him into the living room. The sound of his TV pulled her out of her thoughts. The news was playing, relaying the events of the latest antics of Lavalight and Dr. Frost, the town’s resident hero and villain. Narrowing her eyes, she crossed over to the TV and flicked it off.
   “You really don’t like them, do you?”
   Roxanne turned to face William. “It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t like listening to them fight. Go get your shoes.”
- HaV Academy

“Hello, Agatha,” said Madeleine, “yes, I know your name.” She was in a very mischievous mood. Spreading her hands in a mysterious manner, she added, “I know everything.” Agatha’s became even wider than before. “But no, I’m not a fairy, if that was what came to mind. Anyways, Agatha, I’d like you to meet Dick. Dick, I want you to introduce Agatha to Amy. Shira and I need to go check on our horses.”
- Do You Take This Quest?

“Or you to completely confuse young Arthur by running though a list of names he has absolutely no experience?” inserted Madeleine with a raised eyebrow. Without waiting for an answer, she turned to the old man. “Well, Grandfather, is our repertoire of friends and connections large enough? There are more that Sam didn’t get around to mentioning …”
   The old man raised a bushy eyebrow at her. “Grandfather?”
   She and Samson shared quick glance out of the corners of their eyes. “Of course,” said Samson, picking up her train of thought. “Thou art so much older than us, Grandfather, it demandest our respect.”
   The old man seemed about to answer, but Shira spoke, a grin spreading across her face. “’Tis only right, Grandfather.”
With all of them against him, he deemed it a lost cause and gave it up, only sparing the ceiling a pleading glance as Arthur stood there completely and utterly confused.
- Do You Take This Quest?


  1. These are very interesting... I like the skunk one!

  2. I love the one where it says “Really? It finally occurred to you?” :D That cracked me up! A little sarcasm goes a long way, hey? Loads of fun in your snippets and some intriguing stories. I'm especially interested in Do You Take This Quest? Sounds like a bit of an epic book there!!

  3. Robin is great!!

    Haha! Changing William's cat's smile!

    Flowstone? Sounds fascinating!

    I like the random one. It is mysterious and alluring.

    The last snippet is so much fun!!


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