Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Can I Avoid Selfishness?

A report I wrote at 15.

Selfishness is the root of both hatred and the love of money. Jesus once said that “The love of money is the root of all evil.” That makes Selfishness a deadly trap to fall into. Therefore it is of utmost importance to avoid it. The question is, how?
There is the acronym JOY. It stands for Jesus then Others then You. This is the recipe for selflessness, which is the opposite of selfishness.  The best way to avoid any bad habit is to identify its opposite, then replace the bad with it.
Whatever situation you might be in, your reaction should not be “How can I benefit me?” but, “What can I do that is pleasing to Jesus,” and then, “How can I benefit others?”
Most people think that being served is the key to happiness. However, those who know would tell you that it is those who are being served are the most miserable. They have nothing to do that is constructive, and therefore are most often bored. The servants, however, if they are not grudging, are most often the happiest.
If you grudge service, that’s being selfish. One way to become selfless is to make a conscious decision to serve, and do it with a happy and willing heart. Whenever you catch yourself being selfish, stop, and make a conscious decision to change your attitude.
Don’t, however, don’t delude yourself that you can do this all by yourself. No one can. Selfishness is a trait of Self. Self cannot be conquered alone. You must have God’s help to conquer Self.
Therefore you must ask God’s help to avoid selfishness. Even if you use all the tricks in the book, you can never overcome selfishness without God’s help. You must ask him for his help and ask it daily, hourly, or even minutely if you need it. And you must earnestly seek your goal, don’t play two-face, and hold back parts; that’s being selfish, too.

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