Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today's character is Shira.She's a character who I came up with when I wondered if other twins beyond simply Robin and Robert got mixed up. 

Don't let her delicate features and height of 4'9" fool you. Shira is the strongest person in the world. Her gift was mixed up with that of her twin brother, you see - though for a different reason than Robin and Robert's were.

Not only is Shira physically strong, but she has strong emotions as well. When she's sad - she's in the depths of sorrow. When she's happy - no one can bring a cloud across her sunny sky. When she 's angry ... um ... she's instructed to take out her anger on nearby trees.

She is Madeleine's best friend. The two consider themselves practically sisters - for such they are. When an enemy army came to besiege Shira's home, she was sent to Madeleine's for safety - and has dwelt with her ever since.

Or, leastways, she did until she attended the birthday party of Sleeping Beauty, and fell asleep with all the rest.


On a completely unrelated note ... this is my fifteenth blog entry this month! I've reached my goal!

Does this mean that I'm not going to post another entry until October?

Of course not!


  1. Oh dear! It appears that we have both have brother and sister characters named Robin and Robert! :O
    She sounds very interesting...I like her already!

  2. I know. You want to know something else? Mine are also the Prince and Princess of Locksley.

    Neither become Robin Hood though. Robin Hood is a completely separate character. They do become official members of Robin Hood's band though ...

  3. Shira's gift is mixed up with her brother's? Hmm, sounds intriguing! I like her headband! Does the jewel in the middle have a special significance?

    1. Yup, they're mixed up alright. And I like that headband, too. But, no, no significance to it, other than the fact that it matches her eyes and dress. I don't think I even mentioned it. I just decided to give it to her when I drew her.


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