Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Piggy Bread

Who knows what Monkey bread is? Biscuits all baked together with sugar and butter. Very tasty.

Howabout Pigs in Blankets? Little sausages wrapped up in Biscuits. Also very tasty.

Now combine the two. What do you get? Piggy Bread!

Piggy Bread is a favorite in our house. This is how we make it:

2 cans biscuits
1/2 package little sausages.
7 eggs

Ooh! Look! An Egg!

First, preheat oven according to instructions on biscuit can. Second, chop the sausages into smaller pieces.  Third, wrap pieces up inside bits of biscuits. Place in pan, covering as much of the bottom as you can.
In a large bowl, scramble eggs, seasoning to taste (we usually add garlic and parsley) then pour over biscuits.
Place in oven and bake according instructions on can.
When finished, allow to cool, cut into pieces, serve and enjoy!

It's that simple!


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