Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Via Pinterest
I had been going to draw Adelaide like I have done all the others ... but I just couldn't quite capture her. But then I found this picture on Pinterest (yup, I'm on pinterest) and knew I needed to look no further. Despite the fact that the book is set in summer, and I'm not sure what the feather is for (making notes perhaps?) everything else fits.

Books and Adelaide are inseparable. Her gifts from her Fairy Godmother was a love of reading and a book satchel that summons any book she wants to read. She's fourteen years old, and Kimberley is her best friend. She summons plant books for Kimberley. Kimberley keeps her from running into anything while she's walking and reading at the same time - which is often.

She's not a very important character for book 2, but she'll be more important later on.

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