Saturday, September 29, 2012

Connia and Enna

Connia via Pinterest
Enna via Pinterest
Today I once more introduce two characters, the princesses of Refrence. Princess Constance Coraline Diansae, and Princess Enaline Xialla Pia, commonly known as Connia and Enna. Connia is the eldest sister at nearly twenty, Enna is the baby of the family at fifteen. There's a pair of twin brothers between them, but I'll get to them in their own post.

You may be wondering if they fell asleep with Sleeping Beauty ... You betcha they did! They wouldn't have missed Sleeping Beauty's party for Bookania! She's their cousin.

You also may be wondering what the two girl's gifts are. Connia's is the ability to know which book she needs to read to find the info she needs. Enna's is the ability to remember anything she has ever read. Pretty cool right?

One more thing before I go that you may find interesting. Connia is actually already married, and has a young son. Those characters won't get their own post, though, so I'll just go ahead and list their names. 
Husband: Lord Benjamin
Son: Joseph.

Connia and Enna aren't very important to the book, despite being Sleeping Beauty's cousins. Indeed, I do believe that I edited out the one mention of the names of Connia's husband and son ... I'll put them in somewhere else, don't worry. It was just that the place where I listed their names was a horrid info dump that would have bored all of you.

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  1. Fascinating gifts!! Ah, if we could have those gifts how much easier studying would be! :)


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