Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Old Man

I do not consider drawing old people to be my strength. Frankly I don't consider drawing period to be my strength.

Yet I do it anyway ...

This is the old man. Yep, that's his name: the old man. I don't even capitalize it. He is Arthur's mentor and chief confident, and, beyond Arthur's two servants, his only friend.

They look good enough to eat!

Yet, for all that, Arthur knows little about him - not even his name, calling him merely Grandfather. He does things for seemingly inexplicable reasons, and refuses to talk of his life before he took up residence in the woods behind Arthur's castle.

Who is he really? Arthur surely doesn't know.


  1. Arthur may not know, but I have a suspicion who he is.... :)

    I love Arthurian Legend!

  2. Found this egg too! oh! He sounds fascinating!


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