Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to get Amazon Cards for Free.

Search & Win

My family lives on a shoestring budget. My dad is unemployed due to the economy, and, while does ref basketball and volleyball games, that's only in late summer to early spring, and it doesn't do much more that cover the bills and necessities.

So we don't have much money for frivolities.

But, like most people, we really like treats ... like new books to read ... and games ... and new clothes ...

We just don't have any money.

Well, there are ways to get books, at least, for free.

One way's the library (but we all knew that already, didn't we?)

And then there's Amazon Kindle. Even if you don't have a Kindle device, that doesn't mean you can't read kindle files - they offer a wide array of apps for computers, ipads, androids ... you name it.

And most of the classics are free on Amazon.
And lots of authors do free promotions and offer a book for free for a limited time.

But what about the books you want to read that aren't free, and never become free?

Well that's where free Amazon Gift cards come it!

Search & Win

Click that link up there, and you can sign up with a free Swagbucks account!



Swagbucks is a rewards system for doing things you do anyways online. If you use their search engine, you could win swagbucks. If you play their online games, you could win swagbucks. If you do their polls, you will win swagbucks.

When you get 450 of these pretty little bits of virtual moola, head over to the rewards page, and click on the tab that says "Five dollar gift cards" (or something like that) and then redeem a pretty little virtual 5 dollar gift card that, after it is approved, can be applied to your Amazon account, and you can purchase up to 5 pretty little books! There are other rewards, if the gift card is not for you. We just consider the gift card the best bang for the buck.

It's that simple!

Oh, and I do ask that you click through on one of the two banners that are on my page. I'm trying to get referrals, which get a person up to 1000 swagbucks.

And fellow published author friends, that means all the faster I can purchase and read your book (and review it on one of my blogs.)

YARN EGGS! I like them!

Our family has been using - and loving - Swagbucks as our primary search engine for two years now. We've acquired about $200 dollars so far - primarily through the search engine - and have spent a small portion of that. Mom has, of late, been saving up to buy us a terabyte storage device, but I'm going to be using my own swagbucks for book purchases. Other blogs that my mom follows get up to $200 monthly.


  1. Hmm.. yes. Swagbucks is an excellent way to get Amazon gift cards. :)

    Found your yarn eggs! Followed clue #7.

  2. Egg #10. Those eggs are colorful. Are they felted?

    I'll have to remember this information about Swagbucks. Thanks!


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