Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today I give thee Samson, Shira's twin brother.

In the land of Bookania, there is none known so well for their mastery of all things pertaining to music, be it voice, instrument, or dance, than the royal family of the kingdom of Tune. And within the family of Tune, there is no one with a higher, sweeter, finer voice than that of Prince Samson.

Yup. He got mixed up with his twin sister, you see. She got the strength that should have gone to him ... he got her gift of the best soprano in the world.

Oh, not that he minds. Indeed, he quite enjoys surprising strangers with his unnaturally high voice. He would much prefer to live his life as a travelling singer, than to attend to the duties of a crown prince. He's a rather imperturbable person - a balance for his highly excitable twin.

Like his twin sister, he has lived with the Locksleys since his own castle was besieged. He and Maximilian were great friends. He and Madeleine enjoy a perpetual tease war.

Of course, he did have to attend the party of the Sleeping Beauty ...

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