Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Bits that Make You want to Read my Books

Many of the blogs I follow do this monthly thing called Snippets. Snippets? What in Bookania are snippets?

Well, simply put, Snippets are what you feel are your best work that you did the last month. So, for September, I post stuff that I wrote in August. The best stuff that I wrote.

It's kinda like watching a movie trailer.

Except there aren't any pictures.

And they are hosted by Katie at her blog, Whisperings of the Pen.

Well, anyways, I spent most of August editing, so there ain't much, but anyways, here ye go:

My sister and I got lost in the woods today. She found a path out. It is my suspicion that people will be using this path for many years to come.
- Do You Take This Quest?

At last I drew in a deep breath and turned to my two siblings. “And now you see why I like my happily ever after endings so much.”
“It was quite nice,” Megan agreed, but Derek just sighed and looked pleadingly towards the sky.
- The Ankulen

Jasmine stared at it for a second, wrinkling her nose. Finally she looked up at Clara. “What are they?”
“Why, Fingernail polish, m’dear!” declared Clara.
“Fingernail polish?” Jasmine looked up at Clara with a questioning look. “You mean … like the stuff that turned your toenails blue?
- Water Princess, Fire Prince

The images of my friends filtered ran through my mind with lightening rapidity. There were each of the Wood Children – all the ones I knew by name. There were the Water Babies, the Flower Fairies, the mermaids, the fair maidens, the valiant knights.
I saw Queen Tailya in her throne, looking wise, yet worried. I saw Mynna sitting beside her, her hands clenched so tight, her knuckles were white. I saw the Old Woman, eyes fixed on her glowing crystals, though she saw them not. I saw Sir Erran, valiantly rescuing the Fair Maiden Janessa. I saw Willy the Wood Child in his tree, and Bonnie the Water Baby in her river. I saw all of them and more.
- The Ankulen

“Very well,” said Shira, looking down and glaring at the floor.
“It’s not the floor’s fault,” Madeleine mentioned.
“What?” Shira’s head shot up and she gave Madeleine a bewildered look.
“It’s not the floor’s fault. You don’t have to glare it to death.”
- Do You Take This Quest?

Leaning against the doorframe, a smile crept across my lips. This was the true happily ever after ending – one that I couldn’t have come up with however hard I tried.
- The Ankulen

“Water Princess,” came Jasmine’s voice, jolting Clara out of her thoughts.
“What?” asked Clara, turning to the girl.
“The music stopped.”
- Water Princess, Fire Prince

I think I’ll close with that thought.
- The Ankulen

Hmmmm .... Maybe I'll have more next month.

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  1. I loved the one with the fingernail polish! And the one where Shira is glaring the floor to death... Hilarious!

    Thanks for joining in Snippets! :)

    ~Katie, Whisperings of the Pen


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