Friday, September 14, 2012

Clara's Classics: David Copperfield

Clara's Classics: David Copperfield

I have, at last finished reading David Copperfield so that Clara could review it for me. 'Twas quite an interesting book, and, for the most part, her opinion of it is pretty much the same. The only thing I may add is that, unlike her, I have watched the BBC movie of it. Reading the book after the movie was an interesting experience. I was quite pleased with the characters that had not been included in the movie, such as Miss Mowcher, Mr. Omer, Julia Mills, the Doctor and his wife and so on, and wished that they had been in the movie, as they were such splendid characters. I was disappointed, however, when Heep was not sent to Australia with chains about his neck as he had been in the movie. I believed he deserved it.

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