Indie e-Con 2017

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Indie e-Con 2017. It was a ton of fun, and I can't wait until next year.

Feel free to explore all of the links below.

Meet the Authors of Indie e-Con 2017

Writing Contest Winners
Book Awards Winners
Word War Winners

Fanart Exhibition
Cosplay Exhibition

Games with Answers Filled In:
Match the Opening Line
Match the Quote
Match the Cover Art
Match the Blurb
Match the Upcoming Book

Video Playlist:

Monday - Writing
Brainstorming with J.J. Francesco
Finding Your Personal Writing Style with Amanda Tero
Pantsting with Savannah Jezowski
Plansting with Kendra E. Ardnek
Plotting with Faith Blum
Maps with Claire M. Banschbach
Worldbuilding with Julie C. Gilbert
Writing in Notebooks with Claire M. Banschbach
Ywriter with Faith Blum
Google Docs with Jesseca Wheaton
Aeon Timeline with Brie Donning
Writing Romance with Ivy Rose
Plot Twists with C. B. Cook
Creating a Main Character with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Creating the Fellowship with Hazel West
Creating a Villain with Elizabeth Rawls
Writing Children with J.J. Francesco
Major and Minor Themes in Writing with 

Tuesday - Editing
What You Can Do While Writing to Make Editing Easier with Erika Mathews
Rewrite or Edit with Kendra E. Ardnek
Don't Fear the Rewrite with Claire M. Banschbach
When Should You Edit with Rebekah A. Morris
Different Levels of Editing with Kelsey Bryant
Copyedit Walkthrough with Kelsey Bryant
Beta Readers with Hope Ann
Accepting a Tough Critique with Katy Huth Jones
Accepting that Your Book Isn't Perfect with Abigayle Claire

Wednesday - Publishing
Traditional vs. Indie with Jansina
KDP with Hope Ann
CreateSpace with Rebekah A. Morris
LuLu with Jesseca Wheaton
Audiobooks with Julie C. Gilbert
Audiobooks with Rebekah A. Morris
Kindle Worlds with Julie C. Gilbert
Writing a Good Description with Julie C. Gilbert
7 Formatting Tricks with Aubrey Hansen
Formatting for Kindle with Hope Ann
How To Make a Unique Cover with Rachel Rossano
What Not to Do in Cover Design with Rachel Rossano
Photoshop with C.B. Cook
Stock Photography with Jesseca Wheaton
Amazon's Author Central with Kendra E. Ardnek

Thursday - Marketing
Blogging with C.B. Cook
Author Interviews with Kathryn Jones
Character Interviews with Laura Vosika
Instagram with Ivy Rose
Paid Advertising with Faith Blum
SWAG with Julie C. Gilbert
Building a Relationship with Your Readers with Amanda Tero
Taking the Small Wins with Julie C. Gilbert
Indie Doesn't Mean Alone with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Dealing With Negative Reviews with Katy Huth Jones

Friday - Rinse and Repeat
Writing the Next Book with Jesseca Wheaton
Continuing a Series with Katy Huth Jones
Moving to Another Genre with Abigayle Claire
"Help! My Characters All Sound Alike!" with Tammy Lash
The Urge to Revise with Kendra E. Ardnek
Taking Time to Read with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Balancing it All With Claire M. Banschbach
Burn Out with E. Kaiser Writes
Owning This Writing thing with Claire M. Banschbach

Q&A's and Publication Stories:

Kendra E. Ardnek + Publication Story
J.J. Francesco
C.B. Cook
Jansina + Publication Story
Erika Mathews
Rachel Greene
Kelsey Bryant
Claire M. Banschbach
Kathryn Jones + Publication Story
Tammy Lash + Publication Story
Ivy Rose
Abigayle Claire + Publication Story
Hazel West
Morgan Elizabeth Huneke + Publication Story
Jesseca Wheaton 
Rachel Rossano
Faith Blum + Publication Story
Rebekah A. Morris 
Laura Vosika
DJ Edwardson
Amanda Tero
Hope Ann + Publication Story
Julie C. Gilbert
Katy Huth Jones' Publication Story

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