2017 Indie e-Con Writing Contest

Contest Entry is Closed.
Winners shall be announced on March 25th.

Do you like writing? Well, we do too, here at Indie e-Con, and as such, we've decided to have a bit of a writing contest.

First of all, look at the lovely covers below, donated by some lovely cover designers.

Cover by Kate Flournoy 
Cover by Jansina

Cover by Alea Harper

Cover by C. B. Cook

Cover by Rachel Rossano
Done? Good. Gorgeous covers, yes? The only problem is that none of them have a story to go with them. That's where all of you guys come in. Select a cover from above and write a 1,000-5,000 word short story. Email them to me at kendraeardnek@gmail.com, and a pannel of judges and I will select the best of the best.

Your email should include:
Your name. (A pen name is fine)
Your age if you're under thirteen.
The Title of the story you chose to write.
Your story attached as a document.
Your blog if you have one.

There will be a selection of winners.

First place will receive a free ebook formatting and a cover art from Penoaks Sublishing.
A Best-of winner for each cover will get their story featured on my blog and who will get the cover to display proudly on their own blog, if they have one, as well as have their story critiqued by a professional editor.
An Under Thirteen Prize who will get six months of private tutalage under me.

Submission Deadline is March 1st.

So go get writing. Can't wait to read what you come up with.


  1. I know we're late jumping on the bandwagon, but I'm starting a story for onr of the above and contacting several writer buddies who are quite likely to be interested. :)

  2. This looks so cool! And all the covers are gorgeous! I just have one question, are co-written entries allowed?

  3. I'm definitely going to get a story into this one. Love the cover art!

  4. *Short stores* are kind of *beyond me*. :(


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