Character Encounters

Character Encounters is a monthly link-up I host here on Knitted By God's Plan. A Character Encounter happens when you encounter your character in real life.

Much thanks to Kiri Liz for this Lovely Button.

Unfortunately, in real life, a Character Encounter would never happen, but once a month During Character Encounters, you get to write a blog post about what it would be like if one had.

Rules (because everything needs rules):

1. Have fun.
2. You must Have Your Encounter in the Location I listed.
3. Have fun.
4. You must tell your readers the source of Character Encounters (Knitted By God's Plan) and provide a link.
5. Have fun.

There, five rules, should be easy for ya'll to remember.

February: Bookania
December: Oz
November: Middle Earth
October: Narnia
September: Bookshelf
August: Tree
July: Backyard
June: Swimming
May: Attic/Roof
April: Waterfall
March: The Garden
February: Surprise Date
January: Living Room
December: Christmas Tree
November: Grandma's House
October: Kitchen
September: Work
August: School Shopping
July: Fireworks
June: Restaurant
April: The Woods
March: Church
February: Birthday Party
January: Fast Food
December: Christmas Shopping
November: Bedroom
October: The Library

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