Saturday, November 1, 2014

Character Encounter - November 2014

And it is that time again. If you're like me, you were up past midnight last night trying to get a head start on your NaNo. I got about 800 words, 300 of them in the first ten minutes, and then went to bed at one.

I finished Part 1, as well, which means I'm now working with Andrew instead of Clara. And ... no girls. Laura is hinting that she might pop in once or twice though, so I can look forward to those.

Here's the opening scene for Andrew (since I posted Clara's back in July):

    “Yes Kyle, you may take Josh and Parker for a hike before we leave,” said Andrew, without looking up from the map he was examining. “Just don’t push them off of any cliffs. We don’t have time to call 911 right now.”
    “That wasn’t what I was going to ask, Andrew,” said Kyle, with a groan. “I –”
    “Well, it happens to be what I just gave you permission to do, unless you want to stay and help me pack up the tent. On second thought …”
    “I’ll take them hiking,” Kyle quickly amended, before Andrew could finish the thought.
    “Good. Make sure they’re both wearing proper climbing gear.”
    “We’re not babies anymore, Andrew!” protested Josh, who was apparently in earshot. “We know how to prepare for a hike.”

     “Good, then do so.”

And onto the Character Encounter. As you may be aware, this year's theme for Encounters is fictional worlds, so which Fictional world will we be visiting this month?

Middle Earth

I feel it to be only fitting that in this, the most epic month of the writer's year, shall be the one in which we visit the most epic world to have ever been created. I don't care where or when in Middle Earth you visit, just have fun. Only rule is that, if you're doing NaNo, use one of your NaNo characters. (Not that hard of a rule, after all.)

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