Friday, August 1, 2014

Character Encounters - August 2014

Since no one sent me emails volunteering for the pair-up game I had planned for today, I almost decided to cancel today's game.

And then I remembered - today was the first - Character Encounter day.

Therefore, if you have your CE up before the end of the party, you entered in a drawing to read what we have written on Worth of a King. And Jack has kindly given her permission for you to read her parts as well - a rare treat.

So go forth, write your CE's ... wait, you need your location first?

Oh, very well. This month, you shall encounter your character ....

(Why do I enjoy doing this to ya'll? I honestly don't know)

In a Tree

No, I honestly don't know what your character is doing in a tree. That's what you'll have to figure out. 

Enjoy. No bonus level this time, except for the fact that if it's up by the fourth, you could get to read Worth.

Although, if your character happens to be a twin, it would make me very happy ;)

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