Monday, August 18, 2014

And Now the Post You've Been Waiting For!

You know, Kendra's a dear and all that, but sometimes she puts off doing things she should for far too long (case in point - writing my book). She was supposed to tell all of you who won the giveaways five weeks ago, but here we are ... anyways. 

Oh, and Kendra just told me not to use numbers.

Yeah, she has trouble with numbers, I have trouble focusing on what I need to get done. We all have our faults.

First off all, winner of the first $5 gift card from the interviews is ... Abbey! I'll need an email from you from an address attached to an Amazon account so I can send you the money.

Second, well, no one entered any official fanfiction, so I'm going to shift that one's prize over to the review giveaway. (and also because my brain forgot which contest had which prize). Therefore, Kiri Liz will be receiving a complete physical collection of my books. Not autographed, unfortunately, because I will be sending them to you directly from CreateSpace. However, when we have that LotR marathon (because it has to happen), I'll be sure to sign them for you. In the meantime, email me your mailing address, and I'll ship them off to you.

Winner of the Title contest is, by popular demand, Kathryn. She won by one vote. I'll need a email with an amazon attached so she can claim her $10.

As for the fan art, well no one entered any of the traditional sort, and certainly no hand-drawn stuff. However, Kiri Liz did submit some mock covers into the graphic art contest, and her Cayra has won her a $5 gift card. I have her amazon-attached email, so I'll send it to her at once.

Now that we're done with all of the giveaways that involve money, I get the keyboard. Each day, Kendra featured a game that promised one person a chance to read a sneak peek at something of her writing.

The first day, it was tag, for a chance to read Infiltration. The winner? Robyn Hoode. Lucky you. That's one good book there. (In other words, it's finished.)

Day three, it was Egg Toss to win a chance to read the openings of the first three books of the Rizkaland Legends. Winner? Kiri Liz.

No one played Red Rover on day seven, so no one gets to read The Nine Gems of Virtue. Now that's unfortunate, because it's a good book!

Stop with the numbers.


You're giving them the numbers out of order. Just say the game and the prize. Don't bother with the numbers.

Okay, fine. Days are hard to count, anyways, being insubstantial and all that. 

Moving on. Since she played Hot Potato so well, Kathryn will get to read The New Division. So far, your the first person who Kendra doesn't already have an email for, so shoot her one, and she'll send you this lovely story. (You can find her email on her FAQ page.)

The person who kept the balloon in the air and didn't pop it and will therefore get to read Cayra and Just another Sci-fi Novel, is TomWildRose. Kendra says she does have an email for you. Just a warning though, the Sci-fi Novel contains references to Doctor Who, and since ...

Maryanne, Tom is, I believe, a fan of Doctor Who (the classic series, at least). She won't mind references. Now get off your high horse about that show.

She has issues with it because the Doctor isn't a medical kind of doctor. Now get her on Merlin ... but we won't go there. Carry on, Maryanne.

Is é an Dochtúir falsa, ní cosúil le mo dheartháir. Anois, tá sé an dochtúir is fearr sa domhan.

Moving on again, the person who pinned the tails on the donkeys and gets to read Colinda and the Swan Secret is Miss Melody. Except that Kendra just informed me that you already have that story in your inbox somewhere (apparently, you won it at her birthday party) and that she hasn't added anything to it since that time, so you'll get to read The Nine Gems of Virtue instead. I'm sure you'll be happy with that one.

Because she was such a good scavenger, Jessy Jones will get to read Half-Hidden. That means you'll get to read about Stardrana. Ah, but she's a sweetheart. Of course, this was written at a stage where Kendra wasn't sure if Stardrana would know exactly what the Hidden were, but anyways. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Robyn Hoode was the only one who has done her Character Encounter this month, so she'll get to read the first ten chapters of Worth of a King. (With all of Jack's and my notes edited out of course ;) Don't want you reading spoilers or anything like that ...)

Robyn Hoode also was the one to burst open the pinata (figuratively speaking) so she'll also get to read HaV Academy. 

There was no game for the Ankulen's day. I think Kendra forgot about it, or simply couldn't come up with anything.

And finally, the only person to have taken a pitch with the horseshoes was Robyn Hoode (those were some great Haikus - worth of Haiku himself.) Since I happen to know that she's already read the first two books of the Bookania series, she'll just be getting Kingdom. She'll love it, that's for certain.

And now that that's done ...

It's not.

Yes, it is. We've given away everything I promised.

Ah, but I promised a dragon's egg.

Maryanne, there is no possible way for me to give away a dragon's egg.

And the winner of the dragon's egg is ...

Maryanne ...

Hush. And the winner is ...

Kendra E. Ardnek!

Via Pinterest
I heard you mention the other day that you would love to be a dragon rider, so I went and got you an egg. A purple egg, so you can name it Sunrise, just like you want to!

And a big thank-you to everyone who attended the party! It wouldn't have been half as fun without you!

Maryanne ... there are days ...


  1. Yay! Thank you, Kendra!

    Congratulations to all the other winners! And congratulations on your dragon egg, Kendra. ;)

    Do you already have my email address, Kendra?


  2. Congrats, everyone!! Thank you for such an epic party, Kendra! And yes, that LOTR marathon WILL HAPPEN. :D

    I'll be sending you my address shortly! Soooo excited for your books!

  3. Huzzah! What exactly does it mean to have an email attached to an Amazon account?

    1. The email you use to log into Amazon. I know, cheeky of me to ask for such personal information, but the way amazon gift card sending is set up, you send it directly to an email address, and only that address can accept the gift. It means that only the proper recipient can claim it.

    2. Alright! Thanks. That sounds easy enough. It will come along ASAP.

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! *Confetti* I'm actually still kinda in shock that I actually won something, considering my attendance was so sporadic. :-P Stupid Moving Madness...(although I love our new home, so no more grousing on that head)!

    And you can tell Maryanne that yes, I am a (Classic) Whovian and don't mind references to the show. Many of my cyber-friends are "New Wave" Whovians (and my brother has actually watched the show), so I can usually get the newer references (or ask Bro). ;-)
    Anyhoo, thanks for my prizes--I look forward to reading more of your work. :-D

    God bless, and happy writing,

    1. I'm sure you'll catch the references, one is ... rather obvious.


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