Friday, August 1, 2014

Welcome to Dialcia

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About a year and a half ago, Miss Jack Lewis Baillot posted that she found writing girls hard. I responded that that was my strength, and that we should write a book together. She loved the idea, and we soon began shooting emails between each other. We settled on Medieval Fantasy, since that was what both of us loved writing, and we knew for certain that our main characters would be twins.

Jack and I write well together, we have similar writing styles, so I think the book is flowing well. We've only just stumbled into the territory where we're working with each other's characters, and that's been interesting. Sure, I dreamed once that she sent me a chapter that completely messed up the book, but it hasn't happened in real life.

I love the world of Dialcia, as it is a inverted sphere with some pretty cool physics. I haven't scene Jack really playing with it, but we've both had fun with the politics. The politics and culture have been fun. I've been messing more with the politics (since Adrian, Jack's MC, hates them), because I've been the one at the castle. Plot's thickening and all that.

I need to get my chapter done and sent back to Jack, but since she's been busy, I guess I could be forgiven. Our goal was to finish the first draft by the end of the year, though I don't see that happening at the moment. We'll see!

Also, swing by Kiri Liz's blog to read an interview with Obsidia, my MC, and Nadilynn, the daughter of the King Ossian, the man who killed Obsidia's father. Not that it comes between their friendship, as you'll see in the interview.

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