Monday, August 25, 2014

The Story of Notebooks

Like most authors, I have an addiction to buying new notebooks. There's something about their crisp, blank pages that calls for me to bring them home and paint stories across their pages, rather than condemn them to the dull alternate fate of mathematical equations. (Not that I have anything against math, and I've drawn my own fair share of them against notebook pages, but I personally prefer using a chalkboard and a computer).

This is my latest haul. With the exception of the lavender notebook at the bottom, I picked these sweethearts up last night at Walmart of 97 cents apiece. (The Lavender one has been in my possession for a bit longer, and I paid about 25 cents more at Target.)

Normally, I admit, I wouldn't pay so much for notebooks (much preferring a 50 cent label) but these notebooks are bigger than most. Not only are the 100 sheets in comparison to the normal 70, but they also have bigger pages, which means I can cram about twice the story into the pages. (Also, the covers are plastic in front and super-thick cardboard in back, so they aren't tearing up anytime soon.)

Thing is, with the exception of the dark purple one (which has been claimed by League of Royals), I have no idea what to write in these. So I'm going to put it up for a vote. Hop over to my WIP list (which has been newly updated to reflect a few new story ideas) and let me know which stories you think belong in each notebook (because choosing the right notebook can make or break a story).

Please try to stick with the stories that have "very little written," though if you are convinced that one of my nearly-completed stories belongs in one, I can always save it for the rewrite.

Have fun.

(Oh, and specifications on the colors: true blue, black, hot pink, and lavender. The dark purple one, as I've already said, has been claimed by League of Royals.)


  1. True that. Notebooks can make or break stories. I usually don't write my stories by hand, but I use notebooks to organize thoughts, plots, and characters.

    Hmm... the blue in the back looks an awful lot like Cayra. Because I love blue and because it's an amazing story. *coughs* Orrrr... the blue for Trilogy of Secrets. Can't decide.

    The purple (the Walmart one, not the one already claimed by LoR) should go for RPS. For reasons.

    The hot pink one almost reminds me of To Perfect a Fairy Tale... or Mermaid Footprints.

    The black one is the toughest... I'm seeing all of your story titles in colors (yeah, my synesthesia acting up again), but I'm not really coming across any good black ones. Stolen Ideas or Half-Hidden might fit the bill.

    *sigh* Aren't new notebooks just the best? I simply love them! And you've got quite an impressive collection there, Kendra!

    1. I bounce between notebook-writing and computer writing, but ever since my computer died last year, I've been in a notebook mood.

      Files suggestions ...

      Thing about RPS and Half-Hidden is that they recently claimed notebooks from my last notebook haul at Brookshires the other week (picked up nine normal-sized that day for 50 cents each), but, still, not bad suggestions.

  2. I love getting new notebooks XP I just had my mom pick me up some from the store not too long ago. I prefer the five subject notebooks. I can usually carry around several WIP's in those XP

    Now, for your notebooks...
    Half-Hidden in true blue, The New Division in black, To Perfect a Fairy Tale in hot pink, and League of Royals in lavender.


    1. I find 5-subject notebooks misleading. In order for them to claim that title, they ought to have at least 350 sheets (you know, 5 X 70, which is the length of a single subject) instead of the 180 they do have. Sure they're bigger, but not worthy of the 5 label.

      Hmm ... files suggestions ...

  3. I love notebooks! I don't actually use my notebooks for drafting novels, but I do use them for outlining novels and writing shorter pieces such as short stories and poems. I also have a daily journal where I write about my day. Everything else I do on the computer.

    And now for the notebook suggestions:
    True Blue-Cayra
    Black-The New Division
    Hot pink-To Perfect a Fairytale
    Lavender-Stolen Ideas

  4. My two cents'-worth:

    Cayra in True Blue (because Cayra live in the ocean, and the ocean is blue)

    RPS in Hot Pink ('cos princesses and pink go together, actually, I'm thinking of Princess Barbies--with an attitude :-P)

    HaV Academy in Black ('cos I immediately thought of "ROCKS" when you mentioned a black notebook *shrug*)

    Can't really think of one for the Lavender one....

    God bless, and happy writing!

    1. For me, RPS is an irravokably purple story, has been since its conception. Something to do with the fact that it's about a Princess Violet who's looking for a purple flower.

  5. Wow, those are amazing prices for such great notebooks! Whenever I go to Walmart their writing supplies are always, like, $3.00. Maybe I'm just at the wrong Walmart. :P
    I think you should write something sweet and sentimental in the purple one. I don't know if any of your current WIPs have that definition, but there you have my opinion. =)

    1. It's called Back to School sales. I think ETERNAL QUEEN is going to claim the purple one. It's been begging me to write it.


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