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Welcome to Ooladada

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My sister is a Dreamer. Years ago, she dreamed of this world that she and I now call Ooladada. It's plot followed a similar arch to Baum's Sky-Island (A book that neither of us had read at the time) involved a library that was hiding behind a rainbow where every book that had ever been written and ever would be written. According to V, I spent a good long while devouring my shelf (though she isn't quite certain that I knew it was my shelf.)

Hang on! you say I thought THE ANKULEN was scheduled for today. Yes, it is, but all of you know how that book came to be (and if not, just skim though my backposts, it shouldn't be too hard to find the info.) Most of you have read and know the feel and pull of the world. So, I'm going to talk about an element that I haven't before. About Ooladada. Yes, I've talked about this world before, but not in relation to The Ankulen. Why? Because until very recently, I thought it existed within the Rizkaland/Mikada universe.

V actually dreams about Ooladada frequently, especially in the last few years, and a few weeks ago, after she was reeling from her read of The Ankulen she reported back with a new plot twist. According to her, Otis, one of the Librarians at the Library, informed her this was the Dreamworld that Jen visited thrice over the course of her book. (He also chided her for not realizing this on her own.)

After receiving this news, I just kinda leaned back against my pillows (I was working in my bed at the time) as my world pulsed in and out for a moment. Yes, it was perfect.

While writing The Ankulen, I didn't know much about the dreamworld, only that it's where the great battles take place, and where they go to talk to The Giver (who is, I've finally decided, a personification of the Holy Spirit). In actually, it's something of a storage place where all the characters and lands created by every Anka and Anku that ever was and ever will be are kept and can be experienced. Every book is kept in the Library behind the Rainbow. Every painting or drawing is kept in the Gallery Behind the Waterfall. Every script, movie, or play can be viewed in the Theater behind the Curtain. So on, so forth.

But Ooladada is being poisoned. My sister says she visited last night, and she found a darkening, poisoned region. Many Ankulens are being eaten by the Polystoikhedra. Imaginations are abandoned due to the lies and deceit of the Levarnia. False Anka and Anku are writing books that look like the real deal, but have subtle lies in them that entice us away.

It's time to fight.

Anyways, swing by Miss Melody's Blog for an interview with Mynna, a character belonging to Jen's Imagination. She'll be getting her own book, Mermaid Footprints, as soon as I *cough* Jen can get it written.

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  1. Oooh, this certainly adds all kinds of new layers to The Ankulen!!


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