Friday, August 1, 2014

Interview with Jack!

I told ya'll that I'd try to get an interview with my coauthors, and while it didn't happen for The Trilogy of One or Mikada, I did get an interview with Jack. She considered having Obsidia over to her blog for interview, but since she's busy with a release party for her newest book A Test of Loyalty (a book I highly recommend), we decided to content ourselves with just an interview with her.

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Because everyone needs a picture of a panicked Adrian.

1. How would you describe our book?
I'd like to just say it is one of those must read books, because it would be nice if people read it 8-D But, if I was going to be serious, I'd say it is fun and exciting. Because it has been fun and exciting to write. I enjoy working on it, and it has twins. Stories are always more fun with twins, right?

2. Always. What other projects are you working on?
I am currently working on four projects. Because I do crazy things like that. I am editing A Test of Loyalty and preparing it for publication. I am writing the third Blade book and re-writing the third Haphazard book. And I started a new book which has been taking more time than I should probably spend on it. It is my first Historical Fiction and, while being sad, it fun to work on and therefore hard to stop working on.

3. How would you describe your writing process?
It is crazy, just like me. I run here and there and work on this and that and somehow manage to get everything done. Don't ask me how though

4. Magic. That's how it works. How do you balance writing and blogging?
I have no idea. I don't have any method to it, I just, sometimes while writing, realize I need a post so I stop writing and work on one.

5. How would you describe me as a coauthor?
As far as co-Authors go, not mad. At least you write 8-D Can't say the same for most I tried to write with. 

Oh, but Jack, we're all mad here! Thanks for coming over, I quite enjoyed interviewing you! You're a dear, sweet girl, who I'm constantly forgetting is older than me, and I agree. At least you can write, and have a good feel for what makes sense in a book. Again, I can't say the same for many of the people I've attempted coauthoring with.

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  1. Haha, loved this!

    Okay, Kendra, popping by to say that my fifth review went live today, so I can finally send you all the links.


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