Saturday, March 1, 2014

Character Encounters - March 2014

Look at me, on the ball this month!

Maybe it's the fact that I slept twelve hours Monday night, perhaps it's because I've been avoiding milk a lot more faithfully this week than I had in the last few weeks (one of the side effects of working in a place where your allergen is plentiful - I'm not as sensitive as I used to be, but still, I'd been overdoing it).

Anyways, I'm off today - my first Saturday off since I started working - because today's my birthday party and I wanted a working brain for my birthday party. Sure, I'm a people-driven extrovert, but combining people with high-speed food, well ... it taxes even my powers, and if I go to a party afterwards on a Saturday (which is my long day when I work with several coworkers I'm not used to and I'm not sure like me), I'm usually a blah for most of that party. So I requested today off and got it.

Sorry about not inviting ya'll to the party. I wanted to hold a sleepover last night with you, but I never got around to announcing it (my misfiring brain, you know), and while I stayed up late enough last night to hold one, I spent most of last night in the internet-scarce part of our house with my mom and the Kingdom notebook trying to get me unstuck on a scene. Except V had changed the page I had turned to, and Mom was reading chapter 4 and I'm stuck on chapter 7. And by the time I realized this, mom was so engrossed in the story that she refused to move. I don't blame her, though, four is a very funny chapter. You'll discover a lot of Robin and Eric's history there. I also spent much of last night reading library books, in particular The False Prince which I've brought home because of Jack's high recomendations. I'm not sure I like it. One of the not so nice characters has part of my name.

Anyways, you're not here to read about my work schedule or the party you're not attending. You want to hear where you're going to have a character encounter. So, since you've asked so nicely, I'll tell you..

The Garden

March is the first month of spring, and spring is the month of planting. Whether it be a vegetable, herb, or flower garden, this month you will encounter your character among your own personal garden. If you don't have a garden, you're allowed to borrow. Or use a potted plant. That works too.

And now I have Mrs. Craven's voice echoing in my head telling us she's in the garden.

Oh, and before we go, the character challenge. It is optional, of course, but if possible, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, your character should, in some way, be associated with the color green. It could be something as simple as their eye or hair color, or as complicated as the fact that they have the power of plants and and therefore must wear the color green at all times if at all possible. I don't care. Have fun. I haven't decided who I'm going to do. I have a lot of green-associated characters.

And if you missed it yesterday, I posted the third chapter of Sew's commentary yesterday. Go! over there and read it now!

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