Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Was Bored Last Night

So I was bored last night, frustrated with my writer's block and the lack of sales on my KDP and CreateSpace report pages, and tired from a long day at work ...

So I just randomly went through my word documents and deleted several. Oh, and threw away several of my notebooks ....




Maybe I shouldn't have ...



All those words, gone forever. Sure, there were many that I completely regretted, but still ... they were my words.


Okay, I'm just kidding there. I learned my lesson on random deletion several years ago, so I don't plan to repeat it any time soon. I think you'll be much happier about what I DID do last night. You see, I've been talking about that short story collection coming out sometime this year.

Well, I noticed one of the collection was done, and as I've already run it through a few editors, and had done up a cover for it, I decided to go ahead and publish it.

Okay, I know I was telling you that it would be called "Sun Jewel Adventure," but when I did up the cover, it looked awkward to have "adventure" on there twice. So, anyways, head over to amazon and pick it up for the perfectfully unreasonable price of 99 dollars ...

Yeah, I forgot to add a period when I told KDP how much I wanted them to charge for the book. Hopefully this'll be fixed soon.

This is the story of Sir Erran's first contest against Sir Christofer. I tried very hard to give it the feel of the story games that my sister and I used to have as children. I watched both of the hobbit movies during the writing process, so quite a bit of Tolkien leaked in.

I let it. As I told V, who was nice enough to type it up out of the notebook for me, obviously Jenny had been reading the book.

Most of it was written during my break half-hours at work.

I hope ya'll enjoy it (once I get the price down to a more reasonable number, of course!)

(And to get you all interested in reading it .... Snippets!)

Two girls crouched behind a rock as sounds of battle rang around them. Neither dared look, knowing the sight to be too gruesome for maidens such as themselves to look upon.

Oh, Jenny,” whispered one, the girl with long blond hair and large blue eyes. “Do you think he’ll be all right?”

Jenny, the girl with frizzy brown hair, freckles, and glasses, put a reassuring arm around her friend. “Of course he will, Tisha.” She said, confidently. “Chris is the best knight in all the world. Of course he will.”


Jenny just smiled, “So, what you seek is a contest? You against Chris? Winner declared the official finest knight in the world?”

Chris and Tisha both gasped, but Sir Erran just smiled. “Are you really so eager to see your favorite knight humiliated?” he asked. “Well then, I accept the challenge. What sort of contest shall it be? Sword? Jousting?”

I was thinking more along the lines of a quest.”

A quest? And how does that work?”

Jenny folded her arms over her chest. “It’s simple you both look for the same thing, and the one who finds it will be, without a doubt, the bravest, cleverest, truest knight there ever was.”


I fear no foe,” said Chris resolutely, giving Tisha’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “If I fail, I do not deserve the title of Lady Jenifer’s finest knight.” With that, he started climbing, helping Tisha however possible.

I have no intentions of letting you fail.” said Jenny, over her shoulder. “Sir Erran is a pompous fool. I don’t want him for my finest knight.”

But he’s a grown-up – and has armor!” Tisha pointed out.

That does not give him right to lord over us,” said Jenny “Being a grown-up will make him slow and his armor is cumbersome. Besides, do you see him here to ask the dwarves questions?”


  1. Whew!! You had me worried for a minute when you started talking about deleting stuff. :)

    Ooooh, it's out!!! YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I shall head over post-haste to check it out!!!!

    Tolkien influence is always good. :D

    My favorite snippet is the last one.

  2. Hurrah! This "Adventure" is mentioned in The Ankulen--held tantalizingly before the reader's nose--but never elaborated on. Congrats on finishing it, Kendra! Having read The Ankulen (and enjoyed it very much...and begun a second reading ;-) ), I'm looking forward to seeing more of Jen's Imagination. :-D

    Am I right in remembering that you planned to write a sequel to The Ankulen? *Hopeful*

    And you just about gave me a heart-attack when you mentioned deleting things...! O.O

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

    1. Yes, there's a sequel running around in the back of my brain, but I don't plan to write it for a few more years yet, as it will take place about five years later. I do have some "sequel" novellas planned that occur in her imaginary world, including a Little Mermaid retelling starring Mynna.

      Sorry about the almost heart-attack, but I do love getting people's attention in strange ways.

    2. Oh, and Half-Hidden and the Trilogy of One on my WIP page are stories belonging to a certain other Anka and a Len who are very important. I'm trying to get those done, too.

  3. Fun! The story sounds intriguing - and a lot like the "adventures" my cousins and I used to go on. Glad you didn't actually go around deleting random things... what if one of them had been your latest manuscript!?!?!? That would be bad.

    Of course, you could probably get it out of the trash can... but still, too close for comfort!

    1. Actually, the way that I delete stories is pretty unrevokable, as it involves highlighting the entire document and starting a new story in its place. Once I close the document and save it with the new story, it's gone forever.

      And the physical notebooks wouldn't have been much safer, as today is trash day in my house.

      But I didn't throw anything away, so all's good!

  4. Congratulations on publishing your short story! That's always a fun thing to do when you're bored.


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