Monday, June 2, 2014

Character Encounters - June 2014

I said I'd try to be over today with the introduction to my blog party, but I changed my mind. I'll do that tomorrow (please thank me, this will mean that the post will be extra thought out and well done). Today I will be introducing your character encounter.

Weird thing is, I'm not entirely certain where I want the CE to take place. I have so many good ideas and yet ... oh, I know. This one is perfect!

This month, you will encounter your character in ...

The Water

It doesn't mater what sort of water, be it a swimming pool, a lake, or the ocean. Perhaps you're merely cleaning the bathtub.

Also, for the challenge level (something I forgot to do with the last CE, and then proceeded to use a character who didn't fit my intended challenge at all), it must be a character from a new idea, a plot bunny if you will. In this case, you'll also be able to count your CE as participation in Anne-Girl's June Crusade, where we're supposed to be writing Plot Bunnies.


(Also, as a heads up, I'm going to be focusing in on writing up some pretty good posts for my party over the next several weeks, so my CE's and the participation in this Crusade may be all you see of me until the actually party begins)

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  1. This theme goes perfectly with Rachel Heffington's Chatterbox, too! It must be getting near summertime, when people start talking about water! (Not that I'm complaining, I love water - big bodies of water. And boats.)
    I'm looking forwards to your party. =D


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