Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Test of Loyalty

I said that a friend of mine, one with whom I'm coauthoring a book, is releasing her fourth book soon. And since there are only two people with whom I am in the current process of co-authorship, my sister and Miss Jack Lewis Baillot, and since my sister doesn't have three published books to her name ... it's probably obvious whose book it is.

Miss Jack is publishing the second book of her fantasy Because of Loyalty Trilogy, and today is the cover reveal. Jack has some gorgeous covers, and I think this one may top them all.

First the author picture and blurb: (Because I'm mean like that)

Jack Lewis Baillot has the ability to wear a red shirt because she is convinced she is Scottish and therefore immune to expendable dying. It also helps that she has a last name. Jack claims the title of Author, which makes her feel like a Time Lord when she capitalizes it. She has a sonic pen which deepens her Time Lord claims.

She enjoys a good Science Fiction story though spends most of her time writing Fantasy and Steampunk, or a mixture of both. She believes cliff hangers are terrible and feels the need to apologize over and over when one of her books ends on one. When Jack isn’t writing, which doesn’t happen often, she goes on long hikes through the ice lands she calls home. She believes she will one day meet the Abominable Snowman and share a cup of hot chocolate with him.  You can learn more about Jack’s other published work and upcoming books at her website.

And now for the book blurb:

Upon learning he is one of the sons of the now dead king, Prince Lachlan is forced to leave the only home he has ever known. Fleeing for his life, his step-brothers a step behind, Lachlan finds safety and friendship with a young seamstress named Magda, a hermit, an Elf, and two Dwarf brothers. Determined to keep the young prince alive, Magda and the others seek out help in the surrounding Nations.

Everywhere they go, the fugitives are constantly turned away. They are followed by Lachlan's half- brothers who are determined to kill him so that one of them might take their father's crown and become the next king. With every place Lachlan is taken, his brothers close in and when the finally catch up Lachlan is forced to face the question that has been haunting him since he left home.

Lachlan was saved in the hopes he would become a better king then his father and his brothers. But the last thing he wants is to sit on the throne. If he refuses the crown, will there be anyone willing to fight to keep him alive? 

I've had the privelige of editing the book, and while I wasn't thoroughly impressed with book 1 (that isn't to say that I wasn't impressed - just not thoroughly), this book is rapidly rising the series in my estimation. (Also, the fact that I'm assisting in the editing means that I can make sure that the worst of the grammar issues are gone)

And since you've all waited so patiently, here's the lovely cover!

And, on another note, I've finished CinderEddy, edited and formatted it, and I have a cover art for it, so I'm hoping to publish it some time next week. Just a heads up, and if you want to send me an email, I'll send you the cover and blurb for you to post on your blog. And I'll be by possibly Monday with details for my Ginormous blog party that I'm planning for the celebration of my five years as a blogger and three years as a published author. Sure, the party won't officially start until July 24th (my blogoversery, and it will run until August 4th, Sew's release day), but several of the activities and giveaways are things you can - and possibly should - start working on now.

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  1. I know! I'm so excited for Jack's new book!! :D

    Hey, CinderEddy's ready? Add me to your reveal list... I'd love to be a part of this! I'm pretty sure you've got my email.


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