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Interview with Delaney

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The Worth of a King is back in my court, and I have scheduled in this chapter a conversation between Obsidia and one of Jack's, Christa. Christa happens to be the tentative love interest of Jack's main character. (I say tentative because, despite there being obvious and certain attraction between them and they are very cute together, Adrian's being a prince complicates things.)

Because of the Nature of this conversation, I need some insight into Christa's head, so I emailed Jack the other day and asked if we could do interviews again. She agreed. Her interview should be going up soonish over at her blog.

My character is Obsidia's tentative love interest, Delaney. I again say tentative because, despite the fact that they care for each other deeply, and are even engaged (and it's because of her wedding that she has Christa available for this conversation) there is a slight issue of the fact that his father killed hers and that Adrian's claim to the throne could ruin everything. But he's a great guy despite that, and despite a plot twist that I suspect he's going to pull on me towards the end, I love him a lot.

Anyways, he's a great guy, and the picture above is the one that actually fixed his appearance in my brain. Just picture him in more medevally clothing. And anyways, on to the interview!

Welcome Delaney to my humble blog. Would you mind waving hi to my readers?

*Smilingly obliges* Good day, readers. 'Tis an honor to be here, truly. I have the highest respect for those who chose to make an occupation of the crafting of words, and fellow readers.

And I have the highest respect for characters who cooperate with their authors and suggest good ideas for the plot. Moving on, I hear you're going to be king one day?

That's the plan. My father's the king now, and I'm going to marry the daughter of the previous king, and when he dies, we become king and queen. Quite simple really. Why are you wearing the same smirk my sister gets when she's up to mischief?

No reason, this is my normal face. If I've heard correctly, your father killed the "previous king" to get the throne. Don't you and your bride to be find it at all weird that that your father killed hers?

I suppose, if you put it in those terms, it does sound strange, but to tell the truth, we've grown together almost as siblings. Obsidia's more of an extra little sister who's not quite as annoying as Nadilynn. How Nadi and I came to be a princess and prince isn't something we think about a lot. Besides, it's not as though this is the first time in Dialcian history that this has happened.

And you don't find it weird that you're basically marrying your younger sister?

First of all, she's not my younger sister. We're not even distantly related. Second of all, it's also a political match. There are people who are unhappy with my father as king, and most will be appeased to have King Edson's daughter as queen. It's how it works in Dialcia. Third of all, if we weren't marrying each other, we'd be marrying strangers, and I don't see Obsidia happy married to a stranger.

You're so considerate. That's what I like about you. Now, since I know there are lots of characters out there, in my own work included, who are staring kingship in the face and are not confident about it, do you have advice for them?

I do. Don't sweat it. Sure, you're going to have a lot of power, and you can easily ruin hundreds of lives, but it's becoming obsessed with that power, whether it's of you hatred of love of it, that will cause you to abuse it. Know that you have it, but don't let that knowledge consume you. Also, listen to good advice - and read a lot. Especially books by and about other people who have held similar power.

What would you do if you had a honest threat to your throne?

Threat? As in another assassin trying to kill father and I? Well, I don't know. It depends how sudden it is.

Interesting. Well, that's actually not what I meant, but it'll do. On another note, what's your favorite color?

Okay, now you have me worried about where this story is going - not that I'll remember this conversation when I return to the book. Favorite color? I guess blue. Dark blue.

Believe it or not, I think I've run out of questions for you today, and I need to go get ready for work. But I'm not going to shove you back into the book yet. Readers, if you have any questions for this charming young man, just ask, and he'll obligingly answer.

Also, (And I'm talking as myself again, despite the regular font) The Ankulen is free from today until midnight on Saturday. I've had four sales already, but I'm hoping for more! Please pick up your copy and share the news - and remember, I'm holding a giveaway involving reviews of this book this month - details here!


  1. I don't even know what to say about him. I like him, which makes it...well, you know

  2. Kendra, Just finished reading The Ankulen. Wonderful work! I enjoyed the story and loved the way you handled the ending. Perfect. Keep writing! Amy


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