Thursday, July 24, 2014

Twelve Things You Didn't Know About The Rowa

There are twelve days in this party, so each day, I'm going to share twelve things about the featured book that I hadn't shared ever before.

1. At one point in Rowan worldbuilding, the girls got to move into their own houses when they were eighteen (cough, nine actually because of the way they counted their years). No, I'm not sure what my sister and I were thinking, because I'm looking at my nine-year-old cousin, and I would not give her her own house.

2. Infiltration is, to date, my only book with guns. Some of my sci-fis have phasers, and The New Division has some sort of laser, but only Infiltration has an actual gun. (This may change in later Rizkaland Legends, however.)

3. Magnol was partially based on a Chinese kid that I had a crush on at a time. He actually picked out the name.

4. I was acting out a scene with my sister and the cousin who inspired The Ankulen, which was really tense and involved Tiger's Ma not being in their village. And Tiger was panicking and wishing that her Ma was there, so Sweet Gum (the cousin) kept trying to go get her. And when I protested that she was too far away for that to be possible, he came up with a weird reason that I don't remember to say that he could.

5. V has actually written more individual stories about the Rowa, though, thanks to Infiltration, I have more words invested.

6. V had an elving costume. Granted, it was originally a hobbit costume, but it became a elving costume.

7. A story I wrote for Library thing to go with the picture above:

Tiger Lilly Grows a Tiger Lily.

Once upon a time in the Rowa there lived a girl named Tiger Lilly. Now yo may think you know all the breeds there is, but did you know about elvings? One day, her mother Dafidil, her, and her sister Mary Gold to go get some Dafidil bulbs, Tiger Lily bulbs, and Marigold seeds. On the way, they saw Spider Lilly and Snap Dragon. When they got there, she took the two bags of bulbs, and Mary Gold took the packet of seeds. When they got home, they planted them and waited till they grew and when they grew they were pretty.

8. Despite what the two pictures above would lead you to believe, it is Tiger who has hairy feet, while Mary prefers shoes.

9. Tiger at one time was a herbalist, knitter, and a baxter (female baker). I realized that having her good at everything (which is something I *cough* am) would be a bit unrealistic, so I cut back and only let her be an herbalist.

10. During the NaNo that I wrote Infiltration, I asked a fellow NaNoer to do up a cover for the book (because, apparently, that's what you do in NaNo forums.) This was the result. (And for the life of me, I can't remember who she was, or else I would give proper credit.

11. Tiger's Pa is a Scribe because I was trying to find an non-electronic occupation that "Computer Programmer" translates into. Although my dad does preach occasionally on Sunday nights (we don't have an official pastor at my church, so the men rotate), and he does have a radio show on Rapture Ready Radio, so it works.

12. One of Tiger's daughters will have the name Mem Mosa (my favorite flower) the other will have one of the rarest occupations in the Rowa - Finder. Which basically means they find things.

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