Thursday, July 24, 2014

Party Game: Tag

What's a party without some games?

Certainly not a proper blog party.

I've planned several games for this event, and today's is tag. The rules are simple. Just copy-paste the questions below onto your own blog and answer them. Include a link back to this post and

1. How long have you been blogging?
2. Which of the books on my WIP list intrigues you the most?
3. You're stuck on an island that has no sign of other people. What five items would you like to have with you in this event?
4. Someone gives you a thousand dollars. What do you do with it?
5. Is there any book that you wish you had written? (Not because of the money involved, but because you love idea so much you wish it was yours)
6. What is your favorite fairy tale?
7. Describe Kendra in seven words.
8. What is your opinion of popcorn?
9. How many different crafts can you do?
10. How long have you been following my blog and how did you find me?

There we go, not so difficult. Make sure you link back to this post, and give me a link to your post in the comments. Feel free to tag other people and tell them to answer these questions.

Now, games aren't any fun if there aren't prizes involved - and this is why I ask you to post a link to your post in my comments - so I'm going to draw one of your randomly from my proverbial hat, and you'll get to read Infiltration! (Unless you happen to already have it, and in that case, we'll negotiate) I'll draw the winner at the end of the party, so you have until then to get your post up.

Have fun!


  1. Fun game! :)

  2. I filled mine out! Thanks, Kendra, for such a fun tag!

  3. Thanks, Kendra, for the tag! I really enjoyed answers these questions.

    click here to read my post

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

  4. I had fun with this!


  5. I had fun doing this!


    1. Oops... double comment.


  6. I finally got to fill it out!

  7. I hope you don't mind me doing it on the last day... Tags are easy to do in the business of life.


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