Friday, July 25, 2014

Learn Rizkan

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I fancy myself something of a linguist, and have created a language for Rizkaland. It actually began as "Kendrish," my own personal language. but when I realized I needed a second language for this world, I just changed the name and threw it in.

Here is the complete dictionary so far as I have discovered. For the most part, grammar is the same as our own, except there is no past tense. The language is mostly for recording truths, and truth is ever present. You can make it future, by using Tua, the word for will, but you cannot easily express anything that has happened in the past.

Also, writing it is a bit complicated. Instead of like our sentences that have spaces, Rizkan is written like this:


See? No spaces, capital letters to express new words. Enjoy yourselves! Feel free to leave me a message!

Advance: Ak
Answer: Kinah
Arisen: Arown
Arrow: Koo-ko
Be: Tua
Book: Losh
Bow: Soo
Boy: Rokon
Cake: June
Candle: Edna
Congratulations: Nicargi
Dance: Afean
Defeat: Solu
Do: Klilly
Down: Tishlo
Enough: Krisha
Fall: Roha
Far: Osay
Food: Tusir
Get: Finna
Give: Shavae
Girl: Teon
Go: Wilsil
Good-bye: Twa
Have: Hoa
Hello: Tala
How: Wea
Hurry: Vatin
I: E
Long: Lika
Lose: Jook
Love: Lima
Meeting: Kliya
Music: Sarah
Need: Garye
Never: Wintin
No: Nalow
Officer: Shish
Over: Dunsh
Peace: Listo
Princess: Ashna
Retreat: Arka
Road: Kanyit
Run: Flilis
Spark: Jane
Still: Xeno
Stop: Fooyen
Unease: Listor
Up: Arega
Yes: Yefae
You: Noaha
Walk: Tun
War: Petra
We: Shea
Will: Tua
Win: Jin

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