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Party Game: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

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 What's a party without a good game of pin the tail on the donkey? 

Except I don't have any donkeys, so we're going to play pin the title on the book. I'm going to list several snippets from my books, and ya'll have to guess which book or series each is from. And to make things a bit difficult, I will be changing a few names. Send me an email with your guesses (I've disabled commenting for this post), and the person who guesses the most correctly will win a chance to read what I have written for Colinda and the Swan's Secret.

1. “We're still scum to them,” said Matthew. “You might have found some friends, but none of the elves seem to think very much of me.”
     “Well, I'm sure you'll grow on them,” said Anna, encouragingly. “They're just put off by the fact that you work in close quarters with the prince, and that you were his friend once.” She sighed. “They'll soon realize that you're just like them.”
      Matthew frowned. “That's just it. I'm not just like them. And neither are you. You're just better at fitting in than I am, that's all.” He frowned as he flexed his own arm. “Among the humans, I was feared for my strength – but I'm little more than a weakling when compared to my fellow Lornies.”

2. “Ashlyn!” she exclaimed.
    Ashlyn turned to see Linda in the water. “What are you doing here?”
    “Swimming,” said Linda. “I always swim first thing after I get home from boarding school.”
    The man who was with Ashlyn came over. “Who's this, Ashlyn?” he asked.
    “Linda,” said Ashlyn, with an unexcited voice. “My crazy roommate. No, I don't know what she's doing here.”

3. For answer, I was suddenly pulled out of the middle of the road as a runaway carriage rushed by. Oddly enough, no one was chasing it.
“That’s a car,” said Mark.
“A runaway carriage?” questioned William.
“Uh … no,” said Mark. “It’s a carriage that runs without any horses.”

4. “We share much in common with the dragons we ride,” explained Aoril. “Fire is one of those things.”
    “But how does fire cure a burn – shouldn't that make it worse?”
    “Our fire does not work the same way that the dragon's does,” Aoril explained. “Usually we use it only to strengthen ourselves during our battles against the wyrmen and to heal ourselves. Only Tabetha can use it to heal another.”

5. Jane wished that her palms were sweaty. Sweaty palms didn’t burn holes in the upholstery.  No, when she was nervous, sparks leapt out of her fingers … and since she was very nervous …
   Swallowing, she balled her hands into fists and thrust them into her fire-proof pockets. Nothing could be done, however, for the ones in her hair. She could distinctly feel one tickling her ears. It wasn’t uncomfortable, normally she would find it reassuring, but people weren’t supposed to know of her superpowers.
   Closing her eyes to focus, she extinguished that stray flame, feeling heartless and cruel, as she always did when she put them out. She wished she were at home, or in Nightterror’s cave, where she didn’t have to kill her flames, could just be herself.
   “Jane Ramov!” the announcer called. Her turn.

6. This is the road we were supposed to be on,” she declared one morning, jabbing a finger at the map that she had stolen from Andrew's pack. “Isn't it?”
Andrew glanced at the map. “Yep, I guess it is.”
“And this,” she added, moving her finger, “is the road we are on?”
“Yep, I guess it is.”
She shot him a brief glare, then jabbed her finger at a spot between the two roads. “If there was a path here, we could be on the main road in no time, and it'd save us so much time!”

7. “Why do you hesitate?” said the unicorn, “In the days of old, you would be on my back in but a moment, and I would carry you to anywhere you asked.”
“There aren’t any unicorns were I come from,” said Molly, for that was all she could think of to say.
“You are the Fairy Princess,” said Niabi, in assurance, “the Unicorn Princess is your personal steed.” Molly reluctantly got on the unicorn’s back. This reminded her of the time the Lianos had taken her to the horse farm down the street. They had said that she had had an excellent seat, yet was completely clueless as to what she should do with her reins and heels.

Good luck!
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